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Google’s Android 4.4 Kitkat is on its way to the phones but it doesn’t stopped Google to move to its future as Android grown from a small startup to world’s dominant mobile platform with a billion active users, still they didn’t stopped them from developing as they unveiled their most anticipated Android release – It is called as Android L.

For the first time, Google unveiled the Android with no formal version and any dessert type name. As its still a developer preview as Google names its new releases after desserts and sweets, We know that this release starts with Letter “L”. It seems that Google hasn’t yet decided its new release’s official name as still there is an speculate if version 4.5 (or 5.0) will be named Lollipop, Lemon Bar, or something else.

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Here are some of the most exciting new features of Android L, let’s take a look…..

  • The first thing you’ll notice about Android L is that it looks quite different to the current Android 4.4 Android, and it’s not – as we once thought but Google has come up with a new interface look, called Material Design. It’s a lot more vibrant that current Android, and it makes much more use of interface layers. This is quite the opposite of recent trends in UI design, which have all been about making interfaces as flat and simple as possible. Material Design may be simple, but it’s not flat.
  • Another element of Android L that we’ve seen in some third-party Android interfaces is head-up notifications. These pop-up on top of whatever you’re doing, meaning you don’t have to go to an app or drag down the notifications bar to find out what’s going on when your phone beeps. It seems highly likely that you’ll have control over what apps can send you these pop-up notifications.
  • Android L switches over to the ART runtime. At present Androids use the Dalvik runtime as standard. ART is significantly quicker, but uses a bit more storage space for apps. It’s a fair trade off in our opinion as it can make apps load and run quite a bit faster while using less RAM.
  • Android L will be able to manage battery life much better, but Google’s moves go beyond that to the app development stage, for which new tools have been developed


We hope to see new smartphones launch around the same time which take advantage of all the new features, and also updates to existing smartphones. HTC is amongst the companies committed to bringing it to its existing HTC One family, while others should announce support soon.

You’ll control the thing with your Android phone, and will be able to play Android games, watch video and do pretty much anything you can with your Android phone.


– Aswin Kumar


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