Heart is made up of veins and arteries but in the real world it is made of feelings, emotions and sentiments. Facing a heart break is the worst pain of all. It is a feeling of being left alone. It is a feeling of not having anyone to love any more. Even when you have the whole world around you, your eyes still search for that one special person. That special person is the one you love. That special person you shared feelings and emotions with that you could never have spent with another. You not only fall in love with that one person who is special to you. You fall in love with everything that means special to him too.

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is even more difficult. Facing heartbreak makes you go insane. It drives you crazy and makes you so restless. You wonder why it all happened and why did it end. Something that was so special to you. Something that meant the world ended. When an object breaks the sound is heard, but when the heart breaks there is no sound. It’s only you that hear the sound of that pain in the heart. That lump in your throat that you feel. You cannot speak anything when you hear the ways “it’s over”. At once your whole life is turned upside down. You don’t know what just happened. It’s like someone slapped you very hard on the face and you fall to the ground. Sometimes you lose a lot in love and sometimes you gain a lot after love has left.

Some relationships break because of some flirtaeous woman or man coming into the way of a 4 year committed relationship. While some relationships break because they were never meant to be. Heartbreak happens because of cheating, parents having a problem with the relationship or it just ending without no rhyme no reason. We often do crazy stuff like cutting our wrist and going into depression. Life is too precious to waste on a random guy who didn’t value you. When the time comes he will get a piece of his own cake. While you sit there and cry. You cannot help yourself but cry. Tears come out in the form of pain and hurt. You do not know what to do at the very moment and how can you actually get the same person back. No matter how much the person rejects you still go to the same person. You beg you cry and you lose it all. You lose your very self-respect. You even lose yourself in the bargain. Just leave it aside.

Do not harm yourself or damage yourself. Try to be a better person. There could be a list of things you could do while you are facing heartbreak.

  1. Listen to rock songs and heavy metal tracks

Usually people listen to sad and heartbroken songs and cry to their death. This is on wrong thing you could do. Cry if you have to but cry for once. I know it isn’t possible very hard to follow. But listening to heavy metal and rock songs make you hear a lot of noise and loud volumes make you scream and shout more. Screaming also removes hurt and pain. It doesn’t depress you more and more the way sad songs do. So sad songs a big no.

  1. Don’t isolate yourself but take your space and introspection on yourself.

You need space at this very moment. You need your own peace of mind. Don’t over burden yourself so much that you end up becoming more emotionally weak. Introspection is something that is a self-check on oneself. When you don’t know where you are going and what direction you should take always sit back and think. Thinking alone about all your mistakes foolishness and wrong desires. This helps you know the right things to do.

  1. Don’t cut your hand or drink and drive or indulge into bad things.

Often while facing a heart break we drink and take drugs to forget the pain. Drinks make you miss the person more. As you lose your conscious and tend to lose your mind you become even more sinful. You don’t know where are you going and what is happening with you under the influence of alcohol and weed. Why trouble yourself so much and wake up with a hangover. You should rather take care of yourself and have healthy drinks.

  1. Go out with friends and hang out.

Hanging out with friends makes you feel lighter. Plan out on dinners and outings with friends. The more you be with friends the more you forget about him and her. Friends may sympathise with you and later change your mood and end up making your life even more beautiful. You should always remember that it is good to have a few close friends than to have one cheating boyfriend.

  1. Dress up and look beautiful don’t sulk at home.

Dressing up and looking beautiful will cheer you up. Often going to the parlour and soothing yourself and relaxing yourself will make life more relaxing for you. Don’t sulk at home saying whom should I dress up for? He is not dead neither are you a widow. You can always dress up well and look beautiful for yourself. Forget your ex and it may soon be time for the next.

  1. Socialize and make new friends.

Socializing is one thing that helps you come out of a break up very fast. It is this one powerful thing that will develop your personality. You don’t necessarily forcefully make friends. But being active on Facebook and twitter may help. There are these beautiful applications on android phones that help you socialize and make new friends. You have to be choosy and picky on whom to trust.

Also avoid showing your emotional state of mind on social networking sites a lot of people don’t care and often make fun of it and just love gossiping about it.



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