Energy is the power that is in the environmental forces. Energy is that powerful vibe that you get. Vibes can be positive vibe and negative vibe. Just like energy positive and negative energy. These energies are so powerful that can make things happen good or bad. Some people have the power to sense the energy. The good energy i.e. positive energy and the bad energy i.e. negative energy. These energies are sensed by the people who have a strong 6th sense. 6th sense is that additional sense that a person has which shows something is going to happen. Either something good or something bad. This can affect your present or your future. It can also be related to your past. May be something bad that you have done to someone that has caused real harm to a person unless you forgive that person.

Certain people also have good and bad vibe in them. Certain people have the angel like feel and some have the devil feel. They come to bring in good luck or come to destroy you royally. As scary as it sounds it is a fact that people do have positive and negative energy. Some people portray that they are positive and act like they have positive energy but in turn they give in a weird and a negative feeling. The feeling that they could destroy you. Not everyone gives such a feeling. But there are a few crack headed people.

Everybody feels some or the other feeling. Mostly people who are into a lot of prayers and religious beliefs get this vibe. They understand this vibe about the negative feeling most of the time. As the saying goes OPPOSITES ATTRACT. In a similar way the opposite immediately attracts the negative vibe. They feel discomfort and a sense of claustrophobia when around such people that brings in negativity. You will often find a lot of elderly people telling you I don’t get a positive vibe from him or her.

Parents are the ones who sense the vibes coming from the kind of friends their children keep. To the extent of telling they please stop being friends with him or her. We often don’t realize the company we keep as we feel it is so normal all are naughty. But parents know the difference between mischievous, naughty and dangerous.  Hence they tend to make us aware.

Many people will advise you but you got to be careful whose advice to buy. Be patient with everything you deal with. Always listen to your inner voice. If someone gives you a negative feeling it is better to cut that person out of your life. Even if that person seems very close to you. Of Couse you cannot do this to your parents or relatives. Just keep distance from negative people.

Few tips to fill in your life positives

  • Keep a positive heart and positive mind

A positive mind and a positive heart can attract positive energy. Things will seem right, emotionally you will be stable. After all being emotionally stable is very important. If you keep a positive vibe and positive energy will reflect in your actions and behaviour. This will help you take the right decision at all times. Even if you go in a decision that was important you will definitely find a better alternative and better solutions to come out of it.

  • Read a lot of positive books.

Those of you who love reading books must try out positive books. Books that help you instil in yourself positive vibe and also helps you be confident in life. When you are strong and confident you do not attract negative forces as often as how the weak and emotionally unstable people do.

  • Inculcate good habits that bring in positive vibe

It is very essential to inculcate good habits like prayer. Prayer is a form of positive and good energy. It never brings in negative energy. It drives out the negative forces and leads into a better life of living. It creates a peace of mind in health and body as well. A peaceful mind gives you a sound sleep and a sound mind to deal with situations.

  • Exercise a lot

Exercise is a lot more important than you think. It is not only to help you lose weight but to bring in positive vibe. It is one thing that keeps you fresh and helps you relax and detox your body. It removes the unwanted energy of being lazy and lethargic.

  • Stay organised and don’t lose focus

Being organised in everything you do is a sign that your life is balanced. It is then when people start looking up to you and want to learn from you. They try to be like you. Focus is very important in life. Negative energy stops you from staying focussed. You must fight back and keep in the vibe positive.

Few negatives you must stay away from

  • Anger and aggression

Anger, aggression and getting hyper are a sign of negative energy forces in to you. It passes on from you to another person also.

  • Sadness and depression

Being sad and depressed is a form of another lazy and negative person. If you ever try to help such people and still nothings working out just let that person be on their own as the same behaviour passes on to you.

  • Avoid people who fight and quarrel a lot
  • Never lose hope

By doing all this you attract positive energy. Also a lot of people attract a lot of negativity and positivity as well; our mind is the major culprit of attraction. We think a lot and results into things happening. We think of something negative that could happen and it does happen with us. That is when we say oh I tot so and it happened. It didn’t happen automatically you made it happen. You attracted the negative force and it was forced to come to you. It’s all in the mind and in the people.


  • Carren Bryne.
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We, at, believe in sharing knowledge and giving quality information to our BMS students. We are here to provide and update you with every details required by you BMSites! If you want to join us, please mail to


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