Life. Most guidance essays for self-improvement start on the note on how challenging and crucial life is. But let me tell you this. Life is a weird substance of time. It is the most the comprehensible complexity, the most systematic randomness and the most moody stability that we have. Ironic isn’t it? Well, to be true, it is. It is unpredictable which is what provides it the thrill and makes living overwhelming. Yes, it sounds scary now,  but life has a lot to offer and no matter how ecstatic or depressing it is. And that’s the bare fact.

Our personalities, what I believe, are shaped by two things. What we feel from the inside and how we live in the outside. They aren’t exactly related, but yes, there is some connection due to which the coordination between the two is important.


Confidence. It’s a very strong word. And simultaneously is very sensitive one. Confidence is that weapon which if mishandled can cause a war inside. People say, confidence should not be confused with pride, for they are two different things. But we often fail to realize that in the very beginning that why are they confused with each other if thedo not share the same meaning. Confidence is what leads to pride. So what does that mean? We should consider confidence to be bad and leave it at that. Discard it from our lives? No.

The best thing to do is to keep a balance. Yes, maintaining a perfect balance in life isn’t just life is it? To err is human and all that. But we have been gifted with our beam balance already. Our mind.Our will power.It is the strongest potential power anyone can have. Much more than physical strength. We are already there; we just need to find the key to unlocking it.


Similarly, when we say we should not confuse self-pride with ego, we have two realize that there is a fine line between them and hence is very sensitive. For everything in this world, there is a positive and negative result.  Options have never been our call, choice had always been. Your self-pride is what gives u a perspective, an identity, and respect to stand up for yourself independently and in turn is your backbone.

When this turns into ego, it blurs your perspective, destroys your identity, and shatters your image and respect thus breaking you from inside. Egoistic people may be successful and win a lot in life. But they can’t win anyone’s hearts because their priorities change and focus in an emotionless, crude and logical way.

There are people with high and low self-esteem and also people with fluctuating self-esteem. Once a person’s self-pride is made or broken, it’s done. Similarly, Ego is a rigid monster. It doesn’t let go easily but when it does, it promises not to come back. But there is a very stark difference here. Ego is what makes us take the advantage and self-pride is what stops us from being taken advantages of. So, if ego is a weapon, self-pride is the shield.

Never let go of your self-esteem and build it so firm that no one can even come near it. That is one place that absolutely no one can tap into. After all, when no one is with you, your self-esteem is what helps u through. Letting go of it is never wise.

– Anwesha Rath

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