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Worth- this word has different meanings for different people and different situations. It means cost while it can also mean as the value. We all know that for each and every thing on this earth we have to pay a price or cost for it in other words. The more the price the more prestigious and precious it is to people. But is it the same in case of people too?


Have we ever thought whether the people in our life are the ones who wish our happiness and joy or are just present for the sake of us? To be precise some people in our life are for us, for our help, for our encouragement; while some are there in our life because we have hold upon them. People who fall in the second category are the ones who do not value you rather only like to be valued by you and hence will be the first ones to leave you if given a choice. Thus one should understand the kind of people they are surrounded with and try to stay away from fake people. The sooner one gets rid of the fake people the easier their life will become.


The main reason to this is that when we are surrounded by real people such as family and true friends we are better settled, calm and happy in life. But if one is surrounded by unwanted people their life will be comparatively more complicated and frustrating as problem solvers will be less than problem creators. It is very easy to meet people and easier to include them in our lives but what’s important is- to decide who should stay forever and who is for temporary. Anyone who has the skill to take this decision appropriately is the one who will stay happy in life and be more successful as he/she wouldn’t have wasted their time on unworthy people.


For the ones who take a lot of time in searching for the correct people, wait patiently as all the wait is worth and ones you get your set of perfect people your life will also be at peace. So always remember – IT IS WORTH THE WAIT BE IT ANY RELATION!!!!


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