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Some times in life you do face a situation when you tend to dislike the current job which you’re doing presently. The reason behind this could be many like you might not be liking the workplace or the people which you work with or the work which your been given turns out to be quite boring and doesn’t excites much and yes sometime you can even come across a arrogant boss which keeps on insulting for no good reason. So therefore we bring to you few ways which will help you in being optimistic about your job even when you hate it. Read On!!

1) Become Creative

You can now even say that creativity is the key to success. In today’s time a person’s performance is measured on how much creative he can be. Developing new ways to change your work process or recognizing your departments, using various creative techniques to brush off the stress could surely help you to get creative and hence feel positive at work. Doing the same old work on daily basis makes people feel that their job doesn’t offer much or that their potential is much more then the job ask for. So if your job isn’t lighting the work in you then you yourself ignite the fire in you.

2) Build Contacts and increase your network

Usually you feel that you’re the only person one who is going through such worst condition while others are enjoying their jobs. But it’s not true at all every single person unsatisfied with his/her job is feeling the same thing. So in that case you should reach out to people via social networking sites. Try gaining advices and tips from various persons which they have learned from their professional life, try sharing your views, thoughts and problems with them. The more you explore the more you understand that it is not bad after all.

3) Think about your future, Think about securing it!

Many people feel when they start thinking about their future it gives them unnecessary tension and thinking about future is something you should not try to do. But my views are little different in this matter since I feel thinking about your future is not a bad idea at all. Thinking that you will try new techniques of being creative in future that will also improve your performance at work thus increasing work pay. Planning a trip with your family to your favourite place in vacations hoping that you will enjoy to the fullest. Thus thinking about future in such a way will help you feel that bad time is not going to stay for long.


– Burhan Fatehi


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