There’s a saying— The recipe for beauty is to have less illusion and more soul; to retreat from the belief of pain or pleasure in the body into the unchanging calm and glorious freedom of spiritual harmony.


Beauty is not just one word, it is more than a word. It can be physical, moral or materialistic or just a nice personality. It is every time told that or known that beauty and brains is a rare thing which go together. There is some or the other physical, moral, mental which is given to every human being who exist in the world. But who possess all the things are really rare kind of persons who exist in this world.

Beauty is such a thing which normally should be seen at inner aspect but most of the times it gets influenced by the outer appearances or beauty. Inner beauty only shows that how much the person can be valued, respected and even how much admirable and adorable. Importance given to outer beauty can make a person’s life at a miserable stage at a later or future stage. Even beauty is always compared with the personality and style which can be fake as there are women and men exist in the society who really look beautiful and handsome but if seen or felt their inner beauty can make anyone taken aback as their thoughts and thinking about everyone are disgusting and abysmal.

Even there are some conditions where beauty goes with brains. Take an example of “Miss universe” and “Miss world”. They are undoubtedly beautiful and also do have brains therefore they get selected for the title (where there can be exceptions of inner beauty). Even take example of Albert Einstein and Stephard Hawking they are kind of people who didn’t have outer beauty but had genuinely excellent brains which can’t be compared of with anyone. There are even conditions where I have seen some people who are beautiful and even they are intelligent but some are not even beautiful as well as not intelligent.

So if concluding these statement, it totally depends on how is that person. Beauty can go with brains and also without brains and vice-versa so it totally depends on a individual quality what he/she is blessed with and more on how he/she makes an effort to improve on those which are weaker and improve their brains and beauty.

So it is rightly said that “the future belongs to those who believes in their dreams”

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I am Dhara Shah, a BMS graduate, a friendly person with a happy go lucky nature but cannot stand by lies in front of me, sometimes stubborn as well. I am fun loving kinda person and talkative too.

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