We:The young generation are totally different people. We are brought up and raised in an era of technology and connectivity. The word ‘Instant’ now means hours to minutes to seconds to nanoseconds. We are an impatient generation,who needs quick and instant things. Everything now happens by just pressing a button.

For today’s  generation,sitting in a classroom and reading books are outdated. This is a smart generation,who would rather prefer long hours of researches that are meaningful to them. They believe in working out things practically rather than doing it in theory. They are not afraid of the changes,instead they have been willingly accepting them as it comes. They are now ready to accept and face the challenges,but,in a completely practical and digitised manner. Don’t forget that we,here, are talking about the today’s  generation:The Digitised Generation.

With this digitised mindset of their’s our nation is moving towards a higher level and aiming at higher productivity. These are the young talents that can cross the borders with ease. This generation is not bound by traditional restrictions. The world is open to them in a new way,like never before-In a Digital way.

Let us look upto the technology that is the most common among the youth-The mobile phone. The youth today is continuously on their mobile phones. This is fine,mobile phones are really important in today’s world. But,have you ever noticed them while they are texting on their phones? What a wonder they are! They type the characters so fast. But wait, the most amazing part is here to come…they can even type without looking on the screen.  Aren’t they supposed to be the 8th wonder of the world? They would prefer writing their exams on the phones rather than writing it on the papers. Now,isn’t that interesting? My say on this is,it atleast saves trees that are cut down to make papers. Well this idea would atleast prevent global warming. I once heard a conversation between two friends about their idea of lectures being conducted on cellphones. Isn’t this generation brilliant? Look at the time saving and eco-friendly ideas they are coming up with.

We are surrounded by versatile digital equipments such as computers ,laptops,i-pad,mac -books etc.which facilitates learning along with communication. Now-a-days the classrooms in schools are digitalised to ensure better learning. This digitalisation has mainly come fron media. Today there are many students opting for a career in a digital field like advertising,journalism,engineering,information technology etc.

The young generation of today have a completely changed perception about the different things that they come across. No wonder they are called a ‘Digitalized Generation’.


– By Urvashi

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