Can We Develop Our Indian Society And Make It A Better Place To Live In?


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As I write this today now, India stands to be a developing country. There are many reasons for the lack of a proper functioning developed country. Not using all the resources available to us wisely could be one of them, the increasing corruption level and the increasing population also tend to bring huge pressure on the natural resources. Would further divide this article into different resources which should be used more efficiently compared to today

A human needs three things to survive namely air, food and shelter and as we all know out of these two things i.e. air and food are provided to us by nature. Other resources such as coal, water, iron ore, minerals etc. are also equally important in our daily lives. The need to conserve natural resources is the most vital one which can be done through many ways by preserving water sources, using effective irrigational methods for crops which don’t need slogged water fields, increase in the number of transport vehicle has automatically led to increase in the pollution which is affecting both, the biosphere and earth gradually to decrease the pollution carpooling can help. The lower class people who live in slums make their daily food by burning coal using it as a gas which is leading to scarcity of coal. Acid rain is again a method to conserve water for the society.

We use paper in our day to day lives which should be reduced and if not reduced at least recycled as the paper is made from trees and trees are getting scarce it all is in a vicious cycle.  In our routine life water is the most basic thing used by us for all purposes. We should use water in fewer portions or may be by having tanks on our terrace which can store the rain water and later cleaning it and using it is a way of conserving water. Nowadays Electricity can also be considered as the basic necessity of life as the technology is developed we have started to require electricity for all purposes in our life. Electricity requires water in its production and so again the water resources are used ruthlessly.

In the 1990s when India opened its doors for liberalisation, from then on the rich people started to get richer and the poor became poorer. There was always a thick line between the rich and the poor. When the rich started to investing money in foreign the poor people in India were still slogging for their daily fulfilment of basic needs. As only 5% of the population consists of the rich people the rest being in upper, middle, lower class. Has being a major reason for India to be a developing country. This clearly justifies that our monetary resources are used very badly and should be now use efficiently.

To start a business the four things we need are land, labour, capital and the entrepreneur himself. To succeed in the business the entrepreneur should use all four of these in the best efficient way possible, land is getting expensive day by day as it is not used wisely, labour is ready to do anything as the poor people want to work for their daily living, collecting of capital is the most crucial stage of business as we don’t have much money resources left with us majority of them being in the hands of filthy rich people, in the chaos of these things the entrepreneur himself is not enough trained and educated to have a successful business. Over all what we need for the betterment of society is development in all sections of the society. The main reason for a lagging behind of economy may be the environment of business in which we work. Corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, greedy humans etc. are the highlighting things which need to be changed. When a responsible citizen thinks of taking an initiative to change the society he thereby continues for some days or even months but then it becomes difficult to sustain in such an environment.

Even a small business can’t work efficiently, then it’s time to change our factors which need to be changed gradually. Now I being a FYBMS student need to bring a change in the society, from the time we got independence we have been blindly following our leaders, praising their good deeds but its high time to realise that India is a democratic country and its time to use the word democratic more seriously and being a responsible citizen. It’s the working of the society which needs to develop and adapt according to the changing times. There are many ways in we can develop our society making it a better place to live, but the question here arises are we ready to take the initiative for our society?







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Vanita Godwani
Hello, Vanita Godwani, a fybms student of Jaihind College, hobbies are drawing and helping needy people.I loved being a social media correspondent at .I am interested in pursuing by post graduation and later work in a multinational company being a honest and good high post official


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