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With the ‘Farewell-season’ coming on in full swing along with huge amounts of excitement comes the whole nostalgia of the past 3 years, and the fact that we won’t be going back to college ever brings out a few tears even to the macho men of your college gang.

The mass bunked lectures, the morning show movies, the fun times in the canteen and the doodling in droning lectures. 3 years of BMS life saw presentations, G.D’s, conferences, fests, exams, assignments and Viva’s.

New friends, new girl friends, getting back with old boy friend’s, break-ups, bike rides, punishments, arguments, fighting with friends and fighting for friends; the memories just cannot be counted. Winning prizes(some times) and coming up on the defaulters list (most of the times).

  I.V’s and the whole lot of memories they bring with them, the rose day and the traditional day; the list is just endless and I am sure while reading each of these, multi-million memories of the amazing time’s you’ve had popped right into your head and made you smile very affectionately after a long time.

 This year with the farewell season approaching we spoke to a few BMS alumni about their college life and just like your smile after reading all of this their smile to widened and within moments they started recollecting and sharing their precious memories with us.

Vishal Nathwani from Nagindas Khandwala College fondly remembers the time logistics became his favorite subject because of the ‘bomb’ faculty he had. He also remembers how a punishment group presentation became his definition of what team work is all about. It was there that he got his first BMS friends and had a blast the rest of the three years.

For Ganesh Kamath an alumni of Dnyansadhna college, BMS changed his entire personality. From the quite person who loved to be all by himself BMS taught him team spirit and more importantly managing a team.

 Vishal shared some amazing memories of how getting an O grade in the finals had become ‘so important’ because his girlfriend would dump him otherwise and how the whole class flunked in a subject but they got the college to take a re-examination ultimately because of their unity.

One of Ganesh’s most memorable times were his college I.V’s like all BMS students. Jaipur, Agra, Mysore and Bangalore all these places have a very different emotion attached to them in his heart just because of all his I.V moments and memories with his friends that he experienced over there.

From the attendance dilemmas in first year to the overload of studies and project in the third year Vishal and Ganesh have experienced all the memories that all of us BMSites go through in the most amazing 3 years of our life, making a connection with them and the many others who we can completely relate with only because of the amazing reason that we are all BMSites.

On a parting note Ganesh said that, “people who were strangers became very close and the bonds forged then ensure that we shall always stand by each other, all because we are BMSites”. Vishal concluded by saying that “BMS is all about exploring yourself and that is what will make your future.”

We curse the university, we party hard, we have a blast in the I.V and we become experts at managing people. We give great presentations and we fight tooth and nail to earn our prizes at intercollegiate fests. We are BMSites and have a lot of pride n saying so!


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