Attraction often termed as infatuation. Attraction is the feeling of falling or getting more inclined to a person or to a thing. An object also may catch your attraction. Mostly objects that catch your attention are called attraction. Suddenly when you pass by a beautiful girl and you catch her attention. You see her but you cannot completely see her face. Your eyes go on her. You see her smooth silky hair. Her eyes twinkly bright. You see her face, her beautiful features. At once you feel like going more close to her. As you walk towards her is you get the sweet smell of her perfume. You want to get even closer that’s what attraction is all about. Attention is another name of attraction.

Towards the end of this content you will find a secret about attraction.

But there are some rules of attraction. How to attract a person’s attention. There are many people that attract other people.

  1. The way you talk

Often the way you talk makes a person attracted to you. Some people are extra sweet and kind. It often leads to attraction. When you talk in a seductive yet elegant manner. Certain gestures and your way of explaining something gets a person’s attention that leads to attraction.

When you have a good way of talking to a person or for that matter even your elderly neighbours or strangers.

  1. The way you dress

The way you dress up often make heads turn. It may be a simple Kurtis or a white shirt. The way you dress portrays a lot of stuff. Something’s people get attracted to the way you look. Simply the way you dress on occasions or otherwise. When you wear a short dress and you carry it off so well that it doesn’t look vulgar. A sari that is simple with a thick border which people call aunty types but when you wear it looks so elegant and beautiful. Even a salwar kameez or an anarkali dress with a low back cut and the lace, some clothes look lovely.  It doesn’t matter if your fat or thin it’s the way you carry off yourself.

  1. When you ignore someone

Sometimes you give a lot of attention to someone. They get so used to your attention and love. Suddenly if you stop all of this and just stop doing the things you do for them. They naturally start missing all these things. It suddenly makes them wonder why they miss all this and gradually start getting attracted to you. A movie that had come up called rules pyar ka super hit formula is one movie worth watching. It isn’t like the vulgar movies that we see but a yet cool movie that has all the rules of grabbing attention which is another part of attention.

  1. When you have a fit body

Attraction is noticed where you have a fit body. A fit body attracts people. They admire a fit and a beautiful body.

Fitness doesn’t mean thin and skinny. It doesn’t mean losing that extra pound. It means regularly exercising and keeping you fit. A person who looks fat but can run and is flexible enough is really an attractive feature. Milind Soman the model turned actor is a fit and amazing looking man. You must have seen his movies and modelling. Also his old spice adds that make women go crazy. He is still a leading icon and an inspiration to the youth to keep them fit and happening just like milind Soman.

  1. A good make up

A good make up also is like an attraction. Make up exentuates your eyes and face. The right make up can definitely make you look good. You may attract a lot of attention from girls and boys. Loud make up however is a bad thing. A dark red lipstick may look so horrible that you may turn to look like someone you wouldn’t want to look.

  1. Your voice

Voice is one of the most attractive features. A beautiful voice that sounds really attractive definitely has a plus point. You should know how to modulate your voice. The tone of talking matters. A loud croaking voice is a turn off. A beautiful voice that sings well too makes music sound so melodious. Not all people are gifted with a beautiful voice. Once of the legends of Indian cinema is lata mangeshkar she is 81 still sounds 18. That indeed is a god gift. That voice attracts us.

  1. Your personality

Your personality could be your biggest strength. A good personality with a tall and good built with clean shave looks shows that you have an edge over others. A good personality definitely attracts everyone.

These are just some silly stupid ways that makes you catch attraction the real catch is something else. Something far beyond your reach and something that is been revealed out is the secret that you and I must know.

Far from all these kind of attraction there is something called as the law of attraction. It is different from the law of newton and all these complicated science related stuff. But the law of attraction speaks about attracting things that you want to happen. In simple terms if you want it you can get it. You can make things get attracted to you simply by believing that it may happen. It may sound stupid to you at the moment.


Try it someday when things seem impossible and if you believe you will make it possible it be definitely worked for you. There is a connection between you and your thoughts. Your thoughts play a powerful role in making things happen. It’s all in the mind. It is a mind game. If you feel so it will happen. Scary as it may sound if you really feel something bad will happen it might just happen. The only thing that will somewhere help the bad to change is by keeping positive and believing bad things won’t happen. It’s a positive mantra that is really the thing to be talking about.


  • Carren bryne.

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