As Long As You Play Well


Second Match of the Cricket event was between S.I.W.S. College, Wadala and V.S.I.T. College, Wadala.

The toss was won by S.I.W.S and they decided to field first. All the players played extremely well. The V.S.I.T.ians gave a target of 39 runs out of 5 overs to their opponents S.I.W.S’ians.

However, S.I.W.S’ians lost the match by 3 runs.

Akshay Magvekar, Captain of the winning team of V.S.I.T. said, “Omkar Lad, our team member has bowled extremely well. He gave only 1 run to the opposite team when they required 9 runs to win.”

When asked about their motto, Akshay replied, “It is very simple. If you play well, you will definitely win and if you not, you will lose.”

Saravanan Devendran, Captain of the opposite team of S.I.W.S. College said, “It was an attainable goal. In spite of having good players we could not make it”

The Man of the match award was given to Saravanan Devendran of S.I.W.S. College and starplayer was Omkar Lad from V.S.I.T. College.

Winning Team – V.S.I.T. College:


  • Akshay Magvekar – Captain
  • Gaurav Sawant – Vice Captain
  • Omkar Lad – Star Player

Opponent Team – S.I.W.S. College

  • Saravanan Devendran – Captain
  • Thyagarajan Kenar – Vice Captain


Report by Pooja Wagh

Pic Courtesy – Ghanshyam Patel

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