It’s a proud moment and a freaking awesome one too, for super interns Harshvardhan Singh, Jainam Jhaveri and Misbaah Mansuri the first three interns to complete over a 100 articles with

It’s a happy moment for all of us at team BMS aswell, to see the three of them performing so well! Let’s hear it from these interns about their internship experience:

1. Harshvardhan Singh:

Harsh is the Entertainment Blogger for the BMS content team. Ever punctual; he tries to innovate in every new post that he creates for us!

harshvardhan singh

Harsh: I am, currently an S.Y.BMS student at REENA MEHTA COLLGE (KNOW IT? NEVERMIND) and a Intern at BMS.CO.IN, currently pushing the keyboard to type this answer and I do play games watch movies and hear music at my secret alien device what i call it LAPTOP.

I already knew about the site but one of my teacher suggested me about the internship so I knocked the door and welcomed me! I don’t know how good were my writing skills then, but as an intern after writing, uploading and publishing with guidance from the site members I do have developed my writing and it could been seen by some of my articles which had received great views.

ADVANTAGES (of the internship):

1: I type real fast (swear!!!)

2: I know now what people want to read.

3: I connect with many people now with their views and ideas which makes me more involved at whatever I do.

3: I have a new identity as CONTENT WRITER (IT SOUNDS COOL, DOESN’T IT!)

For the FUTURE INTERNS who join here may get to learn many new things and plus the experience is great full of fun!

 2. Jainam Jhaveri:

Jainam is the Sports blogger for the BMS content team, his great sense of humor and love for sports is clearly reflected in his work, which he is so passionate about!


Jainam: Currently, I am waiting for my T.Y.BMS results and  also doing this internship of course. I have been a regular visitor of and from my First year of BMS, so I knew about it and applied for it as soon as my T.Y.BMS exams were over. I would have never written blogs regularly and it was a hobby which I had never given any thought about developing, but through this internship i got a medium to develop my hobby and day by day I’m improving, I’m just a beginner but trying to improve and become a pro in a few years.

This internship is great for people who are already in college and want to do something interesting and learn something new everyday and also for people who seriously want to make a career in content writing, it is a good way to start with 

My message for future interns would be to do it seriously and efficiently and enjoy it as you are gaining something and loosing nothing.

3. Misbaah Mansuri:

Misbaah is the Fashion Blogger for the BMS team, a true fashionista that she is, her work is full up of what she loves – FASHION! Want to know the latest trends in hair, accessories, clothes, cosmetics or shoes she’s the one to approach!


Misbaah: I’m currently working for DNA,a bit of free – lancing on topics like food,fashion and opinions for the print media, content – creation for the Web and small stints in the field of modelling.                          

I came to know about through a forward on whatsapp.    

Working with has helped me heaps not only how to polish my writing skills but also how to use social media for my benefit. My content manager, Ami was really considerate and motivating too.          

Initially, I never wrote so much but by doing 5 articles a day, has helped me enhance my work portfolio and helped me accelerate my speed of work and precision.

No shortcomings actually but I feel somehow it is difficult to promote all 5 articles in a day.

If you are among the fortunate ones,who have been selected,make the most of this opportunity by harnessing your skills and keep going on with a never – say – die attitude because gives you a kickass platform to showcase your talent and helps you to grow as an individual.

Happy Interning!

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    Congratulations team

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