We all have heard about heaven and hell and those various things about heaven and hell. We hear people saying it feels like heaven and it hurts like hell. From where have we started using heaven and hell to describe our state of being and state of mind. Heaven is considered a place that feels good. Paradise being the other name for heaven. Heaven is a place where everything is so peaceful and calm. You find inner peace and happiness in heaven. It is the place to be it is the ultimate place.
While hell is considered bad and an evil place. Hell is a place where all the evil things happen. It is a place where you hear a loud noise and no one to hear you. It is something bad and the opposite of heaven. This is hell for you. Hell is a place where you feel trapped and where you don’t want to be. We say it hurts like hell. But what the hell is this hell? We have never even seen it nor experienced it and still we use such words like heaven and hell. It isn’t really difficult to explain as we have heard a lot about heaven and hell stories from all the elderly people and our teachers.

What is heaven?
Heaven is a place where god resides. But god also resides in our hearts. How can god be at two places? God is everywhere so he can definitely be in two places. As per my baby knowledge of what heaven is and as per what I was been told about and what most of us must be knowing is that heaven looks like the white sky. Heaven is like the white clouds. Heaven is right above the blue sky where no one can reach not even the planes and air crafts. Heaven is actually the house of god. It is a place where the lord resides. Just like how we all have a house and we stay in our houses so is god in heaven.
Heaven is a place where the angels stay with the lord. Angels are the children of god and praise and worship the lord and give glory and honour to the lord. Heaven looks like a white interior house. May be somewhat like the white house is what heaven would look like. Heavens may be full white and a white thrown would be there where the lord sits on his hot seat and watches over all of us. Well this is how we picture the heaven. But the heaven is the kingdom of god where the king is the head of the kingdom and only the blessed can be in heaven with him.


What is hell?
Well hell seems bad and scary. Hell is somewhere where the wicked go. People who have sinned go in hell. Then who all go, we all have sinned and thus we all will go in hell. If all go to hell then there will population in hell just like how it is here in India. People mock stories about heaven and hell in such a manner. But the fact is where there is heaven there is hell. Where there is god there is devil. Where there is good there is evil as well. Hell would be considered just the opposite of what heaven looks like. Hell would be dark and scary. It will be full of noise and fire all around.
Little children are often scared as they have heard that there is a big well of wire where the evil people are put and burnt. Sometimes kids are being told that that the big well of boiling water is there and bad people are put in it and are eaten by the devil and demons. It is scary but the bible says it is the truth there are such things happening. And one should always believe in heaven and hell. You do good you go to heaven you do bad you go to hell and if you do worst you go to purgatory.



Purgatory is said to be a place apart from heaven and hell. It isn’t a good place either. It is a bad place. Souls in purgatory are those who cry and mourn a lot and do not even receive a drop of water to get freed from their sins and their soul is never at rest. Yes there is something called as purgatory. On all souls day i.e. 2nd November people say mass for all the dead souls and the souls in purgatory. This mostly happens in Christians (Catholics) where there are masses kept in the cemetery and this day is important to be prayed for all the souls in the family and mainly in the cemetery. There are so many souls crying out and praying for freedom of their souls as they are crying tears of blood and they are in need of help. They do not receive eternity. Young children and infant usually go into heaven as children are innocent and young they do not know how to sin like elders they enjoy the kingdom of god.
Heaven is a place where all saints reside and the little children reside there with them. While people who sin very badly and destroy lives of people die and burn in hell while a few of them have worst death in purgatory. Their souls keep wandering and they are in need of mercy and forgiveness. They never receive eternity and such souls are crying out for help. A few religious people are able to see them and these souls mainly while praying. These people are powerful people and god has given them the power. We all must believe there is a life even after death it is a different life all together. The life after death is where souls meet and you must do good in order to attain heaven and eternity. There are 3 options after life that is heaven hell and purgatory.




– Carren bryne.

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