Goals are the aims of your life. Goals are those that you aim to fulfil in your journey of life. We all have certain goals in life. Goals are of different types.

The various types of goals are


There are so many goals that can be categorised into different type of goals. Fulfilment of these goals are needed. But how many of us actually fulfil all our goals. Some goals are possible while some are impossible. If you have a phobia for heights and you want to go for para gliding and para sailing it will be difficult. It is because your desire and your goals don’t have a proper link. If you say you want to lose weight but you love eating and if you are willing to diet then this goal of losing weight is definitely possible. In order to fulfil your goals, you must first know what your goals are. Many of us just have it on the back of our minds. But you must write your dream or goals on paper and keep it in front of your eyes. Else it would be like “out of sight, out of mind”. You must always prepare a list of things you want to do stick it on to your cupboard or wherever you can see it always.

SMART Goals written on a blackboard

Learn to prioritise your goals. That makes it easier. Identify the possible and the least possible. I won’t say things are impossible. If you have a determined heart and a will everything is possible. But first make a list of goals.

  • Personal goals:-

Personal goals could be goals that are not as big as your career goals but they are a part of your personal growth and development and are equally important to you as the other goals.

Personal goals may include

  • Learning to drive the car or riding the bike.
  • Cooking skills developing your cooking skills.
  • Join a biking club and be a part of the ride.


  • Family goals :-

These goals are related strictly to family. There are various expectations that we have from our family. We aim to fulfil those goals that are called as family goals. Most of us are so busy that we do not pay attention to our families. Young children or the eldest member of the family all are busy in their own lives.

Some family goals may include:-

  • Spending adequate time with family.
  • Going out on a holiday with family to a farm house.
  • Going on a foreign trip once a year.
  • Being there for every occasion with the whole family.
  • Buying a new house for the family.


  • Professional goals:-

These are goals that are related to your profession. These are goals that help you grow professionally and make you successful. They help in the growth of your professional identity and prosperity. No matter how successful you are in your profession growth is something that should not stop.

Certain professional goals could be:-

  • Opening your own clinic if you are a doctor.
  • Expanding your business in case of a business man.
  • Joining a new firm that gives a better salary and higher designation.
  • Aiming to be in the board of directors.
  • Aiming to be the best CEO of the year.


  • Future goals :-

Future goals are a part of your future growth and development. No one can really predict what the future holds but we all have our future plans. After fulfilling your personal and professional goals come your future goals.

There are many future goals we set they may include

  • Buying a brand new house.
  • Getting married to the girl of your dreams.
  • Buying a big car for you and your family.
  • Investing in stocks as you have a lump sum amount.
  • Investing in real estate’s etc.


  • Health goals:-

They are considered to be one of the most important goals for today’s world. In this over busy and hectic schedule of today we barely get a chance to actually take care of our health. Stress, anxiety, depression all this takes over and controls are lives. Therefore a health goal is needed for everybody.

Some of the health goals are

  • Exercising daily.
  • Adapt to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Joining a gym or a fitness class.
  • Keeping a check on your insulin level or blood sugar.
  • Regularly checking doing your health check-up.


  • Relationship goals:

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner or your spouse is as important as your health. A healthy mind with less problems of relationship causes less stress. Relationships are an essential part of your life.

The major relationship goals could be:

  • Spending quality time,
  • Taking the relationship further to the next level.
  • Emotionally and sexually satisfying your partner,
  • Staying loyal to your partner and just giving some alone time to your partner and yourself.
  • Saving up for a honeymoon trip.
  • Getting intimate since you have been together for a longer time and its time you get closer.


  • Social goals :-

Social goals are essential as being socially active removes boredom. Socializing helps you come out of depression and feeling lonely. You can divert your mind from stress and the tensions of your relationship by socializing.

Some of the social goals are:-

  • Meeting a long lost friend.
  • Catching up with your college or school mates.
  • Planning on a re-union.
  • Having a party with your guy gang and girly kitty groups.
  • Going for a pool party or clubbing with friends.
  • Making new friends but not getting too friendly as it may kill your relation and ruin your married life.

There’s so much more one can do when it comes to socializing.



There are other goals like fashion, hygiene and style. Many of us want to learn a lot of things about fashion and want to become more fashionable. Some of us aren’t that hygienic as compared to those who are cleanliness freaks. We all want to look stylish and good at college, work and at parties this too is a type of goal that people have.

Thus prioritizing your goals and knowing how to go about with it is important.



Carren Bryne.

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