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A guy flirting with a girl is very common, it’s in their blood. It’s something they can do even in their dreams. So girls why should boys have all the fun? It’s time to show them that it’s not the thing only they can. Use these effective flirting tips to flirt with a cute guy.

  1. I know it may not be that easy for you to make direct eye contact the way guys do. But it’s pretty obvious that you cannot build up connection with the person unless you look into the person’s eye. You may tend to look in other directions or towards the ground when you’re nervous. Try and at least gaze at the person once a while when you talk to them.
  2. Even thought your nervous, don’t show it to the guy. Cute guys like confident girls, so if you want them to like you build up your confidence and approach them instead of wanting them to approach you. It’s ok to approach a guy once a while.
  3. It’s a huge NO to laugh like a school girl or wear on a fake smile. Be natural and show them your real beautiful smile, this will show you have a sense of humour, and guys love to make a girl smile.
  4. Your body language is very important; it speaks a lot more than just words. The way you walk, talk, move your hands, your facial expressions is very essential when you trying to impress someone. So relax and make yourself free, and approachable don’t be introvert.
  5. Like most girls do, they love talking about themselves like chatterboxes. (no offense girls its true)Don’t get too very excited and talk only about yourself, if you wanna know someone you need to hold your interests towards them. Try and know more about them or listen to what he has to say about himself. Knowing his likes will give him the feeling that you’re interested in him.
  6. After chatting for a while leave the place. You can exchange your personal details with him.  Give him a chance to think about you; do not stick around too long.


Some things you need to keep in mind.

  • Don’t go way beyond to impress him maybe he may take it in a wrong sense.
  • Don’t behave too sticky, maintain you safe distance.
  • See the surrounding and act accordingly.
  • Before exchanging your details beware that you know the person quite well.
  • If you feel he is not right or something is fishy take your step back as soon as possible.


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