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Most of us girls very easily fall for a guy if he is good looking…if he appreciates you…constantly praises you with his sugar coated talks and there we are all flat on him and surrender our self totally to him. I am confident that you all know what are the consequences when we don’t think and do the above mentioned things…you are simply left alone and heartbroken once the guy is bored of you…

Agreed we only look for love and we do not want to judge the person as we ourselves are not perfect. But does that mean we always let ourselves left heartbroken? We got to think wise when we choose a person to date because girls we are not toy who can be used and thrown. We are not meant get hurt always. We are humans with heart which pains when someone hurts it so do not let any person hurt you easily.

You need to understand which kind of person is good for you? Who can keep you happy? You need to be with a person one who treats you equally with respect and cares for you. One who always stands for you and loves you. But isn’t it difficult to know that? No not really let’s help you understand the men you should never date.

  1. Dominant Men

You have to be very aware of such men. It is very easy to judge a Man who is dominant simply by his talks. He will be a person who only considers he right and wants to do what he thinks is right. The one, who enforces his decisions on others. This men for sure will treat you like their slave taking away all your independence and just want you to do what they say.


  1. Extremely possessive Men

Men are dangerous. As they are the one who will doubt you every second and in their feeling of insecurity might even harm you both physically and mentally. They are so much in love with you that they cannot digest any guy around you though he is brother or friend. He only feels that his girl will be taken away from him and so he behaves in such a manner


  1. Arrogant Men

There is no sense being with them. As they are the ones who will get angry on the silliest thing, For instance you did not inform him that you going out with friends he will deal with the entire thing as if you have committed a crime. Such Men due to their arrogance may even beat you up.


  1. Selfish Men

Danyia was dating a guy who loved to work out and whole day he use to be in gym after work and had no time for her ever. The only thing he cared as his physique and he spoke also only about himself, his clothes ,his shoes, his food etc.Danyia made a wise decision by throwing her out of her life but the guy set an example of selfish men.


  1. I don’t care type of men

These Are those for whom you do anything it doesn’t mean anything to the. They are least bothered. Tomorrow even if you breakup it won’t matter to him at all.


Now when you know that certain Men are good for nothing so they are not worth any girl too. So choose right to be happy.

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