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Whether you are a hardcore gamer or a professional programmer, these 5 laptops are the laptops you would love to have, these are the laptops which fulfill all your needs, these are the most ultimate geek laptops which are classy, have great performance and will loosen up your wallet. I have chosen some of the best laptops with their unique qualities like some are ultra-portable, some are powerful, some have long battery life etc. LET US have a look at the 5 of the best laptops in the market right now:

Apple Macbook Air

macbook air light

It is fast, it is powerful and it is one of the best ultraportable laptops in the market right now. If you are a businessman you will love to own it as it is portable, light weight but powerful! It has 4 gb ram and Intel i5 processor.


alienware 18

For Gamers Alienware is a household name. It is one of the best gaming laptops out there. It has a powerful Nvidia graphics card with i7 Haswell processor and has a whopping 16 GB RAM.

Asus Zenbook

asus zen

It has got a great display with i7 Intel Haswell processor with 4gb ram. It is great laptop for entertainment with high resolution screen, good quality sound and powerful enough processor.

HP Chromebook

hp chromebook

Why it is among the best laptops around, because it is cheaper compared to other laptops. You get a good quality laptop with 2gb ram, Samsung processor, Chrome OS at a dirt cheap price.

Lenovo Thinkpad

lenovo thinkpad battery

This is one of the best laptops due to its massive battery life. You can get 15 hours from it which is so incredible. It has got i5 Intel processor with Intel Graphics which is great and the crazy battery life capability, though it is not the best looking laptop.

– Jainam Jhaveri

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