Mumbai, also known the city that never sleeps, is one of the places where the food is available 24×7. If you go on a hunt for food at anytime of the day you would get something or the other to eat. Be it FAST FOOD or PROPER FOOD.  It’s the Mumbai crowd that never sleeps and is always ready to provide food to the needy. Being a mumbaikar myself I have noticed some of the places where people never refuse to take a look and eat. Here are some of the places for your guidance:



Pav Bhaji

One of the most delicious fast food of the Mumbai Street. The only fast food which is available 24 x 7. It is mainly made up of tomatoes (a lot of them) and mashed potatoes. One of the fast food which is enjoyed when served hot and on street. The tastiest pav bhaji is served at the sea front in Juhu and Charni road. The coolest hangout for the cool winds and hot pav bhaji is at these two places. 1} Amar pav bhaji, near Cooper hospital Juhu. 2} Girgaon Chowpatty, Charni road.


Vada Pav

The iconic food of Mumbai streets. It is one of the cheapest and finest street food available. “ARRE YAAR MUMBAI OR VADA PAV NAI KHAYA TO KYA KHAK MUMBAI AAYE”. Majority of the people when hungry opt for a vada pav. Being a delicious fast food, it is served on daily basis to lakhs of people all over Mumbai. The only competition to MCDONALD’s burger is Mumbai’s VADA PAV. This fast food is served all way throughout Mumbai. But the famous of all are at these two places: 1} Opposite Mithibai college, Santacruz (W) 2} Mangesh vada pav @ babhai naka, Borivali (w)


Bhel Puri

The combination of spice and sweetness is what Bhelpuri is all about. It is the perfect food roadside. Street hawkers have it with them and are spread all over the city for their service. It’s mainly available anytime and is cheap. People enjoy this food on their travels in train or when they roam on the beaches. The stalls near the Girgaon Chowpatty are famous of them all and are always crowded. Even the public loves to have such food as snacks. The best of them are at: 1} Girgaon Chowpatty 2} Juhu Chowpatty.


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Ever tried taking bread and butter early morning? Early morning, around 4 o’clock vendors bring in their stalls for the early morning birds and serve them hot tea along with bun and butter. This dish is famous among the Parsi’s and is usually their morning breakfast. The bun maska is a good option for the foodies that go for the early morning jog. Even though the bun maska being available @ 4a.m people from nearby places do come to eat the tasty bun maska along with tea. At some hotels in the city, bun maska is available all day around. The best place to eat a bun maska in the city is: 1} the irani hotel, Bombay 2} opposite borivali railway station.


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Yum…. How can I forget the most delicious street food of Mumbai? Panipuri the name itself suggest that water along with a fried puri (oval biscuits).  This mouth watering dish is served at regular intervals in the city. It is one of the oldest recipes found in the cities. A great food for the visitors as they get to taste different types of Panipuri at every stall. It is mainly the food which youngsters prefer during their visit to the beaches. The tastiest of Panipuri is available at the stall near the Juhu beach and Girgaon beach.

Once if you visit Mumbai, do not forget to try this dish out. If you miss any of them you are going to miss it forever….. 

 -Jiten Godhania

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