Parents are the cutest people on earth, they pamper you, love you, and give you whatever you need or you desire even before you may ask for it. But the moment you do things they dislike they get wild, there you go you can imagine them with horns and a tail (smiles) and then you’re blown away with the things they are going to say. OMG!! That is horrifying. I can assume how irritated you could be listening to those things over and over again like tape recorder

Reading this will surely be able to relate the things you may listen from your parents.

  1. Learn something from your friend
  2. If your friend can do it why can’t you. How did she finish before you when you both started together?
  3. You’re becoming too lazy day by day, before you were not like that.
  4. You won’t understand it now; you will learn when you will have to face it by yourself.
  5. When I was your age I did so many things and you have not even done half of it.
  6. You’re getting things easily so you don’t value it.
  7. You’re not small anymore grow up.
  8. Don’t act over smart you barely know anything.
  9. Don’t raise your voice and back answer me.
  10. Money does not grow on tree.
  11. Where does all the pocket money go which I give you, where are you spending it?
  12. Stop using your phone all the time
  13. Nowadays I always see you on calls.
  14. Who is calling you so much at this time?
  15. Today you have wasted your entire day, so now stop wasting more time and start studying.
  16. I hope you not into drinking and smoking.
  17. Stop playing on the phone and sleep quietly you have to get up early.
  18. You’re useless can’t do any work properly.
  19. You just know to eat, roam and sleep. You’re only good at this.
  20. Now that you have become big why will you respect me?

Trust me, the list is endless and you will agree with me. You may listen to more amazing things than this. I know it’s annoying but it’s a good topic to laugh about and the conversation would go on and on. When they get wild that is the time you can realize how amazingly creative your parents could be to shout at you, every time they may come up with something new that you may have not even thought of.

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