Lazy People



We human beings have double the bad qualities then the good ones. The best one which somewhere associates with all of us is laziness. You can say that’s one of our favorite hobby and quality. Just to lie down and do nothing is something we all would love and everything is brought to us in other words we would enjoy to be treated as Royal King or Queen.

There are certain things about laziness that somewhere we all would relate to and surely do it sometimes…

  1. Will keep alarm every morning but for sure snooze it and get late everyday to work or class.
  2. When you ask them why you didn’t reply to the message they wills surely say “was to bored to type” (laughs)
  3. They are amongst those who will from the place where they are will use all types of gymnastics and weird positions to reach the closest thing.
  4. They will pretend to be sleeping so that they don’t have to switch of the lights and television.
  5. They will use a deodorant over taking the 10 mins for a shower
  6. There are many who won’t go the washroom just because they have to walk all the way till the washroom as if they have to walk miles (grins)
  7. They won’t attend a party or function just because they have to get up
  8. Those who are staying alone will prefer using appear plates and glasses just because they will have to wash a steel plate and acrylic plate.
  9. These are also amongst those who will get up one hour before the deadline for the given assignment.
  10. They will prefer wearing the same jeans over a week because they don’t want to wash it.
  11. They will prefer pajamas everywhere they go
  12. They will prefer cooking and eating maggi daily as it is easy
  13. Even if you are sitting close to the TV remote you will tells someone passing by to pass you the remote.
  14. You will open your mouth to say something buts hut it as you feel as it is waste of energy
  15. You will give deaf year when it comes to doing a work.
  16. You won’t change the channel even if it’s boring just because you will have to get up to take the remote.
  17. You will take off regularly just top sleep
  18. You will be the one who will always pay the electricity bill after deadline.
  19. You are amongst those whose best buddy will be a kid so as to do your small little work.
  20. You have an image of a busy person as you are never to be seen when others socialize (wink)

The points must have clicked all of us but then if it is a daily thing then surely there should be a stop to all of it or else we are sure to find ourselves falling prey into some sickness…Once a while its cool to be lazy but not always.

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