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Being the first kid is amazing as you are the only child of your parents and receive all the love by yourself but being the second kid is even more amazing because even when there is a first child you still have lot of advantages to be the youngest one. I feel happy and blessed to be the second child of my parents with my sister being the first. Here are few things you too can relate if you are the second kid.

  1. You’re always associated of being “SMALL”. Eventually you will fall in love with the word small due to all the benefits that come along with it.
  2. No matter how big you are your still going to be the small one of the house.
  3. You will get the first preference if you’re the second child. Like it is said small ones first, so the preference is given to the younger one before the older one.
  4. You will be loved by all. This the best part of being small. You’re always going to remain the apple of the eye for your parents and grandparents.
  5. You can eat your share as well as can their share they won’t say anything. I used to often do that to my elder sis, eat my share fast then also eat her share from her plate.
  6. Mistakes are ignored. If ever we made mistakes it was ignored or would get minimum shouting from parents.
  7. No matter if it’s your mistake your elder brother or sister gets the shouting saying that they must have learnt it from you.
  8. You are always pampered, given the best of things.
  9. You save yourself from problems when you are wrong and easily put the blame on your elder sibling.
  10. You may get everything just because we are small
  11. You can butter your elders for getting something from them.
  12. You make a puppy dog face to save yourself from parents anger or just cry out loud.

Being the lil’ one is been simply great for me. I have personally experienced all these above mentioned things if you too have then truly your life have been amazing. I’m blessed not only because I’m the second child but blessed because I have wonderful parents and a loving sister who has given me all the love that I deserve to receive from them. Truly being the second kid would not be amazing if you would not have an elder sibling.

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