10 Awesome #ARealMan Tweets, Status Trending on Twitter




  1. #ARealMan still trending continuously after 2 days!!? Ppl sure seem to hv a lot to say about it.
  2. Not #ARealMan Harshvardhan is too good to be a Health Minister or CM. So keep on buttering Modi to get a job. #CabinetExpansion
  3. #ARealMan is who stand on thr promises… a man of his words
  4. #ARealMan is Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu.. grow up guys, not just #tweet makes you #ARealMan
  5. #ARealMan celebrates #Mensday19Nov and believes in gender neutraility.. empowerment & justice to all irrespective of gender
  6. #ARealMan Award Should Go to Congress Leader From J&K for calling Daughters Liability. Jai Ho @INCIndia
  7. #ARealMan is the person who thinks about the needs of others, doesn’t hurt any one’s feelings. Honest and Straight forward person.
  8. #ARealMan is that poor person who get married to a rich girl, takes her all properties & distribute them in beggars & its #MumkinHai.
  9. Most men r real as since d dawn of civilization man has always gone to wars for his woman even in our epics Ramayana, Mahabharata #ARealMan
  10. #ARealMan will never leave you alone or abundant you in any scenario. He will think for his family first. He will know his responsibilities.



(P.S. The above are taken from social media website Twitter. It is posted here only for information purpose. We neither endorse nor support the same)





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