1. Logistical Mission
  2. Integrated Logistics
  3. Operating Objectives of Integrated Logistics
  4. Logistical Performance Cycles – Procurement, Manufacturing Support, & Physical Distribution.
  5. Logistics’ Interface with Manufacturing & Marketing
  6. Supply Chain Participants
  7. Internal & External Supply Chain
  8. Bull Whip Effect
  9. Extended Enterprise
  10. 7 R Rule of Customer service
  11. Dependent Demand & Independent Demand
  12. Demand Forecasting Components



  1. Transportation Functionality
  2.  Intermodal Transportation
  3. Pipeline as a Mode of Transport
  4. Lead Time
  5. Joint Costs (Back Haul Costs) in Transportation
  6. Comparison of Private and Contract Carrier
  7. Functions of a Warehouse
  8. Need for Warehouse
  9. Public v/s Private Warehouse Comparison
  10. Material Handling System: Its Benefits and Costs
  11. Objectives of Material Handling System
  12. Selection Criteria for Material Handling System
  13. Functions of Packaging
  14. Unitization
  15. Factors affecting Package Design
  16. Logistical Perspective of Packaging
  17. Value Addition due to Packaging: Comment.



  1. Transit or Pipeline Inventory
  2. Define EOQ & Explain its Meaning
  3. What is Re-order Level (ROL)?
  4. Safety Stock
  5. Functions of Inventory
  6. Obsolescence Cost (Replacement Cost)
  7. Symptoms of Poor Inventory Management
  8. What is meant by Selective Inventory Control?
  9. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  10. Advantages of JIT (Just-in-Time)
  11. What is Inventory Valuation?
  12. What is Information Functionality?
  13. What is EDI? Give Examples.
  14. What is LIS (Logistical Information System)?



  1. Need for Performance Measurement
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Perfect Order Principle
  4. Activity Based Costing
  5. Mission Based Costing
  6. Need for Logistical Cost Analysis
  7. Milk Run Operations
  8. RORO & LASH
  9. What is Containerization?
  10. Benefits of Double Stack Containers
  11. What is Cold Chain Logistics?




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Nitin Kulkarni

Prof. Nitin Kulkarni has completed MMS (Mkt.), BE (Civil) and has 5 years Industrial experience in Sales, Admin, Project management. He has 11 years teaching experience in MMS, BMS, BMM, BAF, BBI. He teaches ‘Logistics & Supply Chain Management’ in Sem. V & ‘Operations Research’ in Sem. VI and is currently the BMS Co-ordinator of Viva College, Virar. Prof. Nitin has also published books in Operations Research, QMB and Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

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