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Today each of our lives start on social networking sites and ends with that. As we get up we don’t wish the people at home good morning but everybody on our respective social networking sites. Our lives have become online. We are so addicted to social networking sites that our cell phones have become another part of our body…We can live without food but not without our cell phones even a minute. We are become slaves to technology and social networking sites. You move out and just watch people everybody is busy on their cell phones doings something or the other.

The other day while I was returning from college there were few parents who were waiting for the school to leave, as they had come to pick their Kids…and you won’t believe that all the parents sitting there in a row were all on their cell phones. From the time Whatsapp is come into the market people everywhere including the 16 an above even the senior citizens are all using Whatsapp. Nowadays people don’t say Call me they will all say ‘Whatsapp me ‘. Whatsapp has become a new gossip place for all our ladies and new dating place for the guys…If they like you they won’t ask you your number directly…they will ask you are you on Whatsapp can you send me a message (grins)

Watsapp though helpful for sharing notes and giving useful information at the same time Whatsapp has made one thing most annoying and that is forwarding messages…Some reasons why it is irritating at times…

  1. Some forwards are creepy – You must have read those messages about “send this to 20 people and you will get good news or you will be cursed “. They are so creepy messages and it annoys you if you get such a message when you doing something important.
  2. They are the same repeated ones – You will get the same message from different people all round the year and by now you know what the message is by reading the first word itself.
  3. They are never ending – the forwards you receive on Watsapp are like a never ending circle that will go on and on…You realize the message you sent you yourself have got it back from some other person
  4. Nobody is actually bothered – The other reason is even if you end something good people are so busy in their life that nobody is actually bothered to reply to you.


Forwarding messages should actually be stopped because God knows when a person might send a wrong message and you will get trapped for no reason so it is better forwards are stopped !

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