Set of Suggested questions as per Mumbai University




Concept Question

1.  Define Communication


Descriptive Questions

1.  Explain the advertising Communication Process

2.  The steps in an integrated marketing communication process.




Concept Questions

1.  Function of an ad agency

2.  Selection of an ad agency

3.  Evaluation of an Ad agency

4.  Five M’s of Advertising


Descriptive Questions

1.  Organisation of an Ad agency with their function

2.  Explain the organization structure of an advertising agency (of your choice)

3.  How much would you select and evaluate an advertising agency.



Concept Questions

1.  Define DAGMAR


Descriptive Questions

1.  What is DAGMAR? Explain its functions

2.  Explain Advertising objectives of moving the target audience through hierarchy of effects model with suitable examples

3.  Explain strengthening attitude as an advertising objectives

4.  Advertising objectives in terms of Communication Effect.




Concept Questions

1.  What is advertising Brief

2.  Differentiate between brand image and positioning

3.  Define Brand

4.  “Every Advertisement must be considered as a contribution to the complex symbol, which is a Brand Image”. Comment.

5.  Define Brand Personality

6.  Define Brand Equity

7.  Define Brand Essence


Descriptive Questions

1.  Distinguish between image and positioning

2.  State various factors affecting Brand Image. How would you develop Brand Image/ Brand Personality strategy?

3.  How would determine the positioning strategy

4.  Explain any 7 positioning strategies.




Concept Question:

1.  Principles of Copy writing


Descriptive Question:

1.  Explain stages of copy production

2.  Explain the creative process of copywriting

3.  Write three components of attitude

4.  Explain the Persuasion Matrix



Concept Questions

1.  Explain Media

2.  Urban and Rural Media

3.  Media Brief

4.  List out components of Media Mix

5.  What is media planning

6.  Why is media planning important

7.  What is pre and post media mix

8.  List out various media vehicles available in India

9.  Explain Media reach

10. Distinguish Print Media v/s Electronic Media

11. Media Vehicles in rural communication / urban communication

12. List out the Do’s and Don’ts of media planning

13. Sources of Media Research in India

14. List any three methods of arriving at Media Budget

15. Name the main media organizations in India

16. Name one Media channel for each class of Media

17. Media Buying

18. Media Scheduling

19. Define  Media  Related  terminology  –  GRP,  TRP,  Reach,  Frequency  &



Descriptive Question

1.  Explain the Merits and Demerits of Different Media (any one) in India.

2.  Explain the various media vehicles with emphasis on Merits and demerits

(List out at least two)

3.  How is Media Research done in India?

4.  Highlight the role of Media Research with examples

5.  How do you foresee Internet as the future medium in India?

6.  Do you think Internet as a medium has failed in India?

7.  What are the main elements of Media Plan? What is the process?

8.  What are the main issues in deciding media budget?

9.  Media is becoming more important in the advertising strategy. Comment

10. Discuss the non-conventional media mix in India?

11. Measurement    /   Media    Models/    Media   Buying/     Implementation/ Scheduling.

12. Media Models




Concept Question

1.  Public Relations / Role, Importance

2.  Role of PR in corporate image

3.  Corporate advertising




Concept Questions:

1.  Define Sales Promotion

2.  Sales Promotion method (any 1)

3.  Give a tool of sales promotion and explain which promotion tool will be used.


Descriptive Questions:


1.  What is the role of sales promotion?

2.  Explain the basic tools and techniques of sales promotion

3.  Develop a sales promotion strategy for a particular product.



Concept Question

1.  Any 1 ad budget method can be asked for example- The competitive parity method


Descriptive Question

1.  What is an ad budget? Explain any 4 methods for determining an ad budget



Descriptive Question

1.  Evaluating Advertising effectiveness- Pre and Post methods.




Brand Management

Advertising Objectives and DAGMAR


Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness

Sales Promotion


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