Top 5 Tech Must haves For Girls


I am a Techno savvy person. I love technology and how it is changing the world. Usually the tech products are catered towards boys or men.

Nowadays you can see the change, even girls are getting into the technology and companies are also keeping in mind that girls these days are also using tech products.

When it comes to tech products there is so much in the market that it is hard to pick any but still there are things which girls will definitely enjoy.

So I will be sharing with my Top 5 gadgets which every girl should must have

1) MP3 Player 


Being an avid music lover, I like to try out tech products catering towards music lovers like headphones, i-pods etc. I have I-pod as well as Mp3 player as well. But I prefer Mp3 player over I-pod, the sole reason to it is convenience. We are so busy in today’s world that we hardly have time to sit down and connect a I-pod to I-tunes and sync it. Rather why not just copy and paste it in your Mp3 player. It is done in less than half a minute and you are free to listen music without wasting time.

Even though I-pod is unbeatable when it come to sound, Sony is also making equally good sound and is providing you in video Mp3 or in simple audio Mp3.

This Mp3 player is ideal for girls and a must have. Sony makes good Mp3 players and as well as there are other Mp3 players in market which are also good.

2) Wearable Tech Watch

wearable watches

This is the latest fashion Tech trend going this year. Wearable Tech watches are big thing this year. There are so many companies that have launched such wearable tech watches. These watches are really cool they connect with your phone and are super cool to have around your wrist.

Many companies are coming out with its different version which even a girl can wear.

It will be awesome for a girl to wear this Fashion Tech accessory.

3) Glow Headphones

glow headphones 

As girls we love some bright and cool looking, these headphones are exactly like that. They are Glow headphones. These headphones are having laser light in them which makes them glow, which is supers awesome.

I will be really famous among the girls are it looks quite girly and nice. Definitely a must have for girls.

4) Tablets


Now Tablets are another big thing in the market, so many companies have come out with their own version of Tablet Nexus, Samsung, Apple etc. I personally love tablets a lot, they make work easy, they are convenient and easy to use.

They save a lot of time and space and you can carry them where ever you want without thinking of battery provided that it has good battery. Apple, Nexus and Samsung make really good tablets. I would recommend girls to buy an Apple Ipad as I think it is much more easy than other ones.

But if you already have an I-phone then don’t buy an Ipad rather buy an Android Tab, so you will have both android as well as apple in your hands.

Ideal for girls due its versatile use and features.

5) Convertible Laptops

wearable watches

Now you guys must be thinking why laptops, because I have seen girls who are more comfortable with a laptop while working than a tablet. As depends on person to person. Convertible laptops can be the best option for such girls as they can get the benefits of the laptop and tablet together. Lenevo does good convertible laptops. They are really useful for girls.

These are the Tech products or gadgets which I think every girl must own. This is just my preference, I know every girl has different need and use. But still I wanted to share with you all.

Stay Updated.


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Saniya Rane

I like to live life to the fullest , this is the reason why I love to write about various things in life and about life in general.


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