2014-06-07-00-04-04-2123123354                                                                                Captivating music that can warm even the hardest hearts and movie that will make laugh,cry,dance and transform into a child once again. The Sound of Music is an enthralling tale of Maria,a young and restless nun who is so spirited and hence always in trouble.Vivacious and a perfecto in pulling off each scene,you will definitely fall in love with her character.                                                                   She is sent off to be the governess of seven children of a retired and widowed Navy officer. These children have proved too much for a series of previous governesses. Maria discovers that the mansion is a cold,desolate place because the Captain shut out everything that reminded him of his departed wife. Maria soon realises that the children nothing but her love.They need that affection.That motherly touch. She slowly wins over their hearts and the Captain’s,bringing the Sound of the Music to the mansion. However,in her quest of taming the children she falls hopelessly in love with the Captain.Against all odds,they get married.The new family,has to find a way not only to pull together but escape. The movie clearly shows the trials and tribulations the family goes through. The performances in the movie glow!They play people so simple,you feel their innocence.By the end of the movie,Maria will be always be remembered as a character you will truly adore ,her untainted objectivity makes you just fall for it. Her screen presence comes through you,shining like burnished gold.                                                                                                                I have watched the movie years back and I still have that maddening love for this movie.Makes me realize the happiness in little things.All the little joys in life which I miss sometimes.The Sound of Music,a movie magnificently structured  to sing along with…Each song a classic!                                     2014-06-07-00-04-09--497444697                                                                                                                                                                         -MISBAAH MANSURI

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