Stream-wise Weightage for FYBMS Admissions


While drawing the merit list, weightage has to be given to students from Arts, Commerce and Science stream at 12th Standard level. The stream-wise weightage to be given is as under : –


Stream Commerce Art Science Diploma in Engineering and other
Percentage 45% 25% 25% 5%


The applications are to be accepted and processed by the colleges stream-wise separately and the merit list is to be displayed stream-wise taking into account the reservation policy prescribed by the Government of Maharashtra.

a. The merit list is to be prepared and displayed stream-wise.
b. In case if no applications are received under the “Diploma in Engineering and Other Category” OR if the seats remain vacant in “Diploma in Engineering and other Category” after all merit list / forms are exhausted, the vacant seats must be transferred to Commerce Stream.
c. In case if no application is received from any stream the vacant seats are to be distributed equally between the remaining two streams only.
d. After the first merit list is displayed, if any seat allotted to one stream remains vacant, the same shall be distributed equally between the remaining two streams. In case of vacancy in one stream is of single / odd number of seats, the single seat is to be allotted to the Commerce Stream. In case if no applications are available from the two stream, then all the vacant seats of such two stream must be transferred to third stream.

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