Staff functions of inventory control


Inventory Control includes performing one or more of a wide variety of staff or administrative functions such as:

Initiating, developing, installing, or administering a control program.

Providing guidance on or conducting surveys of supply and inventory management functions.

Analyzing, evaluating, revising, or developing new inventory management systems.

Developing long-range material support plans.

Directing, guiding, or reviewing material support programs, functions, and actions implemented by others; and/or

Performing quality assurance and review functions. Inventory specialists satisfy these responsibilities by:

Controlling and authorizing funding for material so that the proper kind, quality, and quantity are available at the correct time and place.

Maintaining records and controls over material in stock, due in, or planned for the distribution system on a quantitative and monetary basis; and

Controlling the distribution or redistribution of stock within the supply system. Inventory management work is classified in this series when duties and responsibilities demonstrate that the preponderance of the work requires

performing most of the preceding functions and, at least three of the following:

Managing items with difficult supply and demand patterns related to seasonal factors, program changes, changes in end-use applications, and similar elements; Making supply system decisions which consider more than the status of an individual item or the problem presented by a particular supply transaction, e.g., interchangeability of items among different equipment or systems;

Exercising substantially independent authority to —

establish and revise reorder frequencies;

establish stock levels for individual items on a selective basis; and manage assigned items in such a manner as to achieve effective supply support while remaining within authorized or available funds;

Programming requirements for assigned items, including phasing procurements and deliveries and determining best use of funds saved through judicious management;

Reviewing planned work programs, schedules, and other planning data. Advising others regarding major categories of material which will be needed and pointing out material areas most likely to cause difficulties;

Planning and coordinating material support for assigned program or project areas including extensive provisioning conferences and personal contacts to negotiate stock levels, phased production, changes in work schedules, or other means of alleviating material problems;

Serving as a central point of contact and exchange of information for personnel of supply, production, maintenance, and other organizations relative to material support problems affecting an assigned program or project area;

Recommending changes in automated data bases and systems of data storage, formats, and reports; and/or

Participating in planning for new data processing systems in terms of defining the nature of information required, organizational responsibilities, computer network requirements, and the nature of output desired from inventory management systems.

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