The subject ‘Indian Management Thoughts and Practices’ is taught in Semester 5 of TYBMS at St. Xavier’s College. Indian Management Thoughts and Practices subject encourages the work on presupposition that Indian philosophy of life and Indian ethos give an organization a holistic work culture. The subject shows that ethics followed by corporate houses has its foundation in the value system. Indian Management Thoughts and Practices / IMTP demonstrates how one can excel in personal, family and professional life.


Unit 1:

Indian Ethos:

10 lectures

  1. Multiplicity and variety – yet has commonness
  2. Focus on the ultimate principle or intelligence to whom or which man seeks recourse.

Unit 2:


20 lectures

  1. Personality development through yoga – the 3 paths/marga – bhakti, karma and jnana.
  2. 3 gunas – sattva, rajas and tamas.
  3. Individual – a being with infinite capabilities and potentials – is a result of your own actions.
  4. Koshas – the concept of man
  5. Meditation – the technique for development of self
  6. Leadership – qualities of leaders with special reference to Indian thoughts.
  7. Motivation – Indian approach vis-à-vis American and Japanese approaches.

Unit 3:

Society and Social Groups:

10 lectures

  1. Society – combination of individuals of diversity
  2. Values that reflect on social practices and customs
  3. Impact on individual and collective behaviors
  4. Uses of coercion to enforce compliance
  5. Societal values.
  6. Significance of festivals
  7. Harmony with nature
  8. Indian concept of learning
  9. Gurukul system of learning

Unit 4:


20 lectures

  1. The core teaching of all founder of religions
  2. Spirituality vis-à-vis religion
  3. Concept of Maya – Illusion – Advaita Vedanta
  4. Meaning, scope and implications at work
  5. Concept of Dharma – varna ashram dharma, svadharma
  6. Concept of karma – meaning and importance to managers, corporate karma
  7. Concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.


Continuous internal assessment:

  1. Mid-semester test
  2. Project work – assignment


The list of Reference books of Indian Management Thoughts and Practices is as follows:

  1. Management by Values – S.K. Chakraborthy
  2. Vedanta Treatise – A. Parthasarthy
  3. Indian Ethos in Management – P.K. Ghosh
  4. Ethics, Indian Ethos and Management – S. Balachandran and others
  5. Indian Ethos for Modern Management – G.R. Krishna
  6. Business Management Redefined – The Gita Way – Swami Someswarananda


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