1)    Define consumer behaviour. Explain the research perspectives on consumer behaviour?

2)    State & Explains the different factors affecting consumer behaviour?

3)    What is the reason for the change of the behaviour of consumers of the new generation?

4)    Define decision making & explains the steps in the process of decision making?

5)    Explain the process of adoption?

6)    What is the role of the various family members in influencing Consumer behaviour?

7)    What is the role of needs & goals to adopt to the change in an individual’s motivation?

8)    Mention the 5- M’s of advertising & explain each in detail?

9)    What does advertising communicate?

10) Explain AIDA model?

11) Define integrated marketing communication & explain its growing importance?

12) What are the benefits of IMC?

13) Write short note on Promotion objectives?

14) Explain the functions of an advertising agency?

15) What are the factors to be consider while selecting an advertising agency?

16) Write short note on Agency accreditation?

17) Write short note on Client servicing?

18) Explain the different methods used for preparing advertising budget?

19) What are the factors that determine an advertising budget?

20) As a coordinator of the youth festival of your college, draft a direct mail letter, to sponsors inviting sponsorships(identify at least five sponsors)?

21) Mention the factors to be considered while selecting a media-mix?

22) What factors should be considered while selecting the advertising media?

23) Explain different media models?

24) What are the different media scheduling strategies available to the media managers?

25) What is media research? State its functions?

26) Examine the role of Audio Bureau of Circulation (ABC)

27) Discuss the importance of television rating points?

28) What are the advantages & limitation of newspaper advertising?

29) State the features of a magazine advertising?

30) Name the various pre-tasting & post-tasting method for measuring the effectiveness of advertising?

31) What do you mean by testing advertising effectiveness?

32) Write short note on:

I.        Pre-testing & Post testing of a copy

II.        Pre testing methods

III.        Post testing method

IV.        Need for testing advertising effectiveness

V.        Benefits of testing

VI.        Check list method

VII.        Consumer jury survey

VIII.        Sales area test

IX.        Order of merit rating

33) Explain the steps necessary to brand equity?

34) Explain unique selling proposition with an examples?

35) Differentiation between Brand image & USP?

36) What are the functions of PR department?

37) What are the objectives of Public relations advertising? What are the tools of such advertising?

38) Write short note on Importance of PR?

39) What do you mean by Push v/s Pull strategy in promotion?

40) What do you mean by sales promotion? Give reasons for the growth of service promotion?

41) Write short note on Relationship marketing, Trade promotion tools?

42) Define direct marketing & explain its growth?

43) What is ecommerce & explain its benefits?

44) What are the advantages of Online marketing?

45) Write short note on: Internet.


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