1.       Procedural justice (march 11)

2.       Buying roles (oct. 2010)

3.       Micro environment

4.       Technological environment

5.       Service failure  (march 2011)

6.       Service marketing mix

7.       Service blue print

8.       Explain ‘benchmarking’. (nov. 2003, 04, 08)

9.       Advantages of branding services

10.     Characteristics of a good brand

11.     Types of branding

12.     Pre-requisites for achieving service quality

13.     Relevance of quality in service

14.     Dimensions of service leadership

15.     Vision-mission statement  (oct. 2010)

16.     Moment of truth (now 02, 03, 04; may 08)

17.     Service marketing trinity triangle

18.     Objectives of internal marketing


1. Explain the concept of inseparability of service?

2. Short note on four key characteristics of services?

3. Define Internal marketing

4. Explain ‘Moment of truth’

5. Service marketing Trinity/Triangle??

6. Explain Yield management

7. What is service recovery?

8. Explain branding of services??

9. Short note on HUDCO & MAHADA?

10. Short note on NHB?

11. Short note on MHADA?



Q.1.     Define services & Explain distinctive characteristics of services. (Nov. 03)

Q.2.     How to address to unique characteristics of the Service Industry? Explain strategy and Tactics Overcome it.

Q.3.     Attributes the reason for rapid growth of service sector in the global as well as Indian Contract?

Q.4.     Write a note on growing importance of services.

Q.5.     What are the factors posing threat to service marketing?

Q.6.     What are the factors stimulating the transformation of the service marketing environment?

Q.7.     What are the stages of the buying decision process?

Q.8.     What are the factors influencing buyers behaviour?

Q.9.     Write a note on Managing ‘Customer Expectations’.

Q.10.   Explain Bases of Market segmentation.

Q.11.   Explain steps in developing a service positioning strategy.

Q.12.   Explain strategies for managing capacity to match demand?

Q.13.   What Causes Gaps in Services Quality?

Q.14.   What is service productivity? Explain strategies for improving it?

Q.15.   What are the factors influencing complaining behaviour?

Q.16.   What are guidelines for effective problem resolution :

Q.17. What are the different tourism product? How do you manage Tourism or

leisure products?

Q.18. Pricing in tourism services is complex because tourism is a composite

product. Do you agree? What are the different elements you would consider while pricing tourism services?

Q.19. Write short note on Importance of people mix in banking sector?

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