Service Sector Management Prelims Question Paper 2012




T.Y. B.M.S.


Preliminary Examination – II


Marks : 60

Duration : 2 Hrs.


Subject : Service Sector Management

Notes :

1. SECTION – I : All questions are COMPULSORY

2. SECTION – II : Attempt any THREE out of FOUR questions

3. Figures to the RIGHT indicate marks



Q.1. Explain the following concepts: (15)

1. Service marketing trinity

2. Intangibility aspect of service

3. Five dimensions of quality

4. Service Mapping

5. Service Blueprint

Q.2. CASE STUDY : (15)

On checking into a 5 star hotel in Bangalore recently Anand was impressed with the

courtesy extended to the visitor in the front office – polite, friendly and efficient. The check in card was already ready just waiting to be signed. He walked up to the room and his bag arrived at the same time. A few minutes later, the bearer came with a welcome drink which was on the house. It was certainly an excellent start. Later, he discovered that there was no

table lamp in the room this made it difficult to read. The press button for the shower didn’t work so one had to bend down and keep it pressed right through the shower. The wash basin became easily clogged and virtually unusable. A complaint was made to the house keeping department and they said that they would certainly attend to it, nothing happened for the whole day. The next day a complaint was given to the reception desk, they said they will surely look into it. In the evening it was discovered that only the basin had been attended to but the floor was littered with some screws and nails lying in a pool of dirty water. Another complaint was lodged the following morning at the reception desk, again unattended in the evening. But the unkindness cut-off, all was inflicted the following morning at the reception desk when the girl at the reception desk (who was a new recruit perhaps wrongly selected and inadequately trained) crowed in her most presently sarcastic manner “good morning Mr. Anand any further complaints today? I am all ears.” At that moment the hotel lost a customer as the back room services of the hotel was poor and she compounded the problem with poor front office service. She had forgotten or perhaps never been taught that in a marketing of a service the focus is just not on delivering goods but satisfying reasonable expectations of paying customers.




1. Highlight the Moment of Truth (3)

2. Highlight the negative critical incidents (3)

3. What were the peripheral services missing in the hotel? Justify. (3)

4. In which areas do you think the back-end personnel and front-end personnel should

be trained? (3)

5. Enumerate 5 innovations in the hotel industry (3)



Q.3. Pricing in tourism Services is complex because tourism is a composition product. Do you agree? What are the different elements you would consider while Pricing Tourism Services? (10)

Q.4. In Indian economy, large population of people are found below the poverty line. Keeping this in mind formulate pricing strategy for hospitals (10)

Q.5. Explain the gaps in service quality with a suitable example. (10)


a. Importance of people mix in banking sector (5)

b. Benchmarking (5)


Admission for TYBMS Sem VI in progress, batches commencing from Nov. 12.

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