A)    Section I – Concepts/Short Notes (3 or 5 marks)

1)      7 P’s of service mix

2)      Goods v/s Services

3)      Service Marketing Triangle/Trinity

4)      TQM

5)      Use of technology in services

6)      Service leadership

7)      Service Mapping

8)      Benchmarking

9)      Segmentation

10)  Positioning

11)  Branding

12)  Service Quality Gap / Gap Model

13)  Internal Marketing

14)  Flowcharting

15)  Consumers

16)  Vision & Mission

17)  Productivity

18)  Communication Mix

19)  Pricing

20)  Consumer Behavior



B)    Section II – 10 Marks question


1)      State and explain the major drivers of growth of service sector inIndia.

2)      Discuss the relevance of 7 P’s of service mix in Banking/Insurance/Hospitality sector.

3)      Explain consumer decision making process.

4)      What is TQM? State importance of TQM in service sector.

5)      State and explain the challenges faced by service marketers.

6)      What is market segmentation? State different types of market segmentation.

7)      Define Positioning and state its importance.

8)      Explain the different dimensions of service quality.

9)      What is Branding? State the importance of Branding.

10)  Define Benchmarking and state its importance.


P.S. These are the likely questions for exams but not the only questions to be studied for exams. So, make it a point you know these questions well as well as cover the other topics. We are not held responsible if the above questions don’t appear in exams as we are not paper setters but just learn the above for your reference.

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