Runner-up Winners of Zeal 2013 Debate


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Mohit and Aditya



Mohit and Aditya were the proud runner up winners of the Debate of Zeal 2013. They both were very excited and full of enthusiasm.

What they had to say:

Zeal has just fantastic events and last year we won many prizes and this year also we won. So we are really excited and looking forward to the next year also.

The Judges were really good in their field and their expert advice is definitely helping us.

I found the volunteers very helpful. They helped us in the best possible way.

WE both belong to BMM course and Debate relates to something which improves your communications and I think that’s what any management or any other course demands.



Report by Swati Gupta

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Zeal 2013

Guru Nanak College's Zeal 2013 is an EDU-INFO-TAINMENT festival open for all students . From, Cows to Cars… Nature to Organic… Kaccha Rasta’s to Skywalks… Agrarian to Industrial… And From Villages to Towns to Cities & Metropolitans… This is how The Transformation of India is in its present scenario taking leaps… And thus, we, the students of Guru nanak College, welcome you all to experience this New Rurbanized Era, “The Rurban India”.