Retail Management Important Question Bank 2014 – Quest Tutorials



Long answer questions

  • Explain the role of retailer in a distribution channel
  •  What are the functions of a retailer?
  •  Differences between services and merchandise retailers
  •  Explain the types of franchising
  •  Benefits of franchising
  •  Challenges faced by a franchiser
  •  Types of Retailer
  •  Strategic retail planning process
  •  Role of information technology in retailing
  •  How retailers have gained certain cost and productivity benefits and marketing benefits by using it.
  •  Write in brief about the Indian scenario in retail market
  •  Comparison between the top management‟s merchandising strategy and merchandise planner‟s merchandising approach
  •  Phases in the merchandise planning
  •  Which are the branding options available to retailers
  •  Why retailers prefer private labels?
  •  What are the responsibilities of store management?
  •  Write brief about Store design and retailing image mix
  •  Explain various types of store layout
  •  Explain Store layout in brief.


Short notes

  • Franchising
  •  Retailers
  •  Ownership
  •  Breaking bulk
  •  Channel of Communication
  •  Corporate Chain Store
  •  Shop-in-shops
  •  Multichannel Retailing
  • Customer loyalty
  •  Distribution and information systems
  •  Unique merchandise
  •  Vendor relations
  •  Customer service
  • Retail branding
  • Inventory turnover
  •  Sales forecasting
  •  Staple merchandise (basic merchandise)
  •  Stock keeping unit
  •  Assortment planning process
  •  Private branding
  • Store planning
  •  Space mix
  •  Floor space management
  •  Visual merchandising
  •  Display
  • Grid
  •  Free flow
  •  Boutique
  •  Loop (Racetrack)
  • Spine

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