International Marketing Important Question Bank 2014 – Quest Tutorials


Long answer questions:

1.  Explain classical theory of international trade?

2.  How packaging forms a part of product planning?

3.  Enumerate the method of market entry. How should an exporter proceed to select potential markets?

4.  Difference between international marketing and domestic marketing

5.  Explain the types of trade barriers?

6.  Difference between Tariff Barriers and Non Tariff Barriers

7.  Factors for package design in international market

8.  Explain the types of foreign intermediaries

9.  Factors determining export pricing

10. Explain export costing methods

11. What are the elements of cost

12. Difference between Skimming Pricing and Penetration Pricing Policies

13. Difference between FOB price quotation and CIF price quotation

14. Which are the factors influencing pricing policy?

15. Difference between direct exporting and indirect exporting.

16. Brief details of steps in selecting overseas market.

17. What are the parameters in international marketing?

18. Which are the factors for segmentation based on market profile?

19. Difference between geographic and psychographic segmentation.

20. Difference between demographic and psychographic segmentation.

21. Which are the factors influencing market segmentation?

22. What are the characteristics of market segmentation?


1.  FDI

2.  Types of foreign intermediaries

3.  Factors influencing pricing policy

4.  Base for market segmentation

5.  Culture

6.  Tariff barriers

7.  Non – tariff barrier

8.  WTO

9.  Trade liberalization

10. MNC

11. Product packaging

12. Indian institute of packaging

13. Skimming pricing strategy

14. Penetration pricing strategy

15. Types of quotations


17. Licensing method

18. Franchising

19. Collaboration

20. Merger

21. Takeover / acquisition

22. Turnkey projects

23. International market segmentation


Concept questions:

1.  International marketing

2.  Trading bloc

3.  Export incentives

4.  Break even pricing

5.  Export through internet

6.  Import licensing

7.  Tariff quota

8.  Economic union

9.  Joint ventures



12. VAT.

13. IRMAC scheme

14. Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana

15. Contract manufacturing

16. Management contracting




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