Our Team

Nischay Togani, Chair PersonNischay Togani- Fondly known As ‘Lalbaugcha Raja’ of our college, he’s hardworking, dedicated, motivated and an excellent motivational speaker. He has the ability to inspire awe and admiration in people. He’s the biggest Katrina Kaif fan, who coined the phrase ‘Katrina ki kasam!’ He’s always in high spirits and loves helping people and is just a phone call away. He’s a one man army that very literally lives and breathes for Nexus.
Chirag Poojary, Vice Chair PersonA guy full of emotions and patience, which is his biggest strength. He gets by with a little help from his friends (who call him Chiru) with a little help from Old Monk. He always has a smile on his face and an extremely caring nature. His chilled out way of working helps keep the tension at bay.
Dharmesh Chhabria, Vice Chair PersonHe is our Red Bull! A guy with crazy amounts of energy and strength. The Big Boss, is a bit shy around new people but doesn’t shy away when it comes to marketing for Nexus. His confidence and positive attitude is appreciated by all. Lovingly known as Çhabbaria, he is dedicated to his work and believes that success never comes without making any efforts.
Hemant Dujari, Management HODThe Ranchoddas Chanchad of our pack! ‘Never say die’ spirit and always ready to help. *RAAVAN* ka dimag. Jack of all trades!
Mansi Vasani, Management HODA girl with a brilliant smile and is happy-go-lucky by nature. She’s very enthusiastic and energetic. Ever ready to face challenges and a person who will discover the undiscovered in you. One who doesn’t really know the world but would surely become the world for you. She is like that seed of a plant who would surrender herself  to her work to that extent till she doesn’t get a fruitful desired output. A very friendly girl and someone who can easily be approachable whenever she is needed. And someone who is away from the limelight but working behind scenes striving for the best.
Sharvari Malgaonkar, Fine Arts HODSimple and sweet looking when you see her first but if you’re lucky enough to gain her trust she’ll show how wacked out and fun she really is.. Hard worker and doesn’t give up too easily. She believes that creativity is everywhere and potential shouldn’t be wasted.
Krutika Patel, Fine Arts HODA girl who is an introvert . She might have a shy or a quite personality but is always willing to come forward with new ideas. Very smart, friendly and as sweet as sugar. She is born with a golden heart and is very down to Earth.
Harshil Shah, Sports HODBetter known by names like Ram Kapoor, Horshil, Gotya, Vijay Mallya etc. He can live without oxygen but not without sports-“‘No chance!”, he says. He’s a major foody and ofcourse a ladies man. Insanely cute and known never to lose his temper. This guy is an asset to have as a friend and to Nexus as well.
Neel Shah, Sports HODAn extremely calm, vibrant and collected person who always works with total commitment in whatever he does. Has a good rapport with people and always presents a helping hand to one and all. Keenly interested in sports and has a fairly amount of experience in the field as well. He likes challenges and never backs down from any challenge put in front of him.
Nida Zariwala, Cultural HODHere comes the Bhai of Hinduja! Once she says something it just has to be done, or else… bas samajh janeka banta! One of the loveliest girls you’ll meet who will lighten up your day and who will also steal your chocolates from you. Loved by everyone (yes, you’ll love her even after she eats your chocolates in front of you). Allergic to bullshit and cuts through it with a machete, this one’s a tough cookie baby around at the same time, loved by everyone.
Mayuri Bastikar, Cultural HODJust like the Power Puff Girls her core components are made up of sugar, spice and everything nice. Nick named Jiggly Puff, she brings her own unique energy to everything she does. Super smart, super funny and super pretty, she is always willing to go out of her way to help people with a smile on her face.
Sajan Shah, Cultural HODBoy with the light eyes. Loves making new friends. Don’t be fooled by his boyish charm, this one knows how to handle the trickiest of situations. A no-nonsense guy, he is mature understanding and intelligent. Always seen laughing and making other people smile. A genuine sweetheart.
Karan Shah, Creative HODFondly known as Karan Computers, he is innovative, calm and understanding. He feels that Nexus has been helpful for him to open up and trust people enough, for him to share his views. He likes working in a fun environment and is at his dedicated best when there are no boundaries or time limit.
Nitiksha Champaneria, Despatch HODMay come across as an introvert, but once you get to know her better, she is full of wonders and prodigy. An emotional and composed person, though she doesn’t let her emotions cloud her judgement. A decisive, firm and self-controlled girl with the cutest smile that eases the tension around her.
Bhumi Shah, Despatch HODThe only one who’s ready with her work before we have to meet our deadlines. Her sincerity and punctuality has made her stand where she is today. Friendly, approachable and strong headed is what describes her personality. Also, one of the prettiest girls you’ll ever meet.
Anil Damniwala, Despatch HODBelieves that work is worship and doesn’t entertain any nonsense. He needs his work to be perfect and systematic. With him around- fun is guaranteed.
Sneha Tyagi, PR HODLikes short sentences. Hates conjunctions. Believes Sundays are sacred. Thinks Kamaal R. Khan’s the bomb diggidy. Boss level sarcasm. Has major quirks. Twisted sense of humour. Loves the swishing sounds that deadlines make as they pass by. Yes, she constantly cribs till they swish by.
Jarvis Gracias, PR HODHe likes sleeping, playing sports, the smell of the first rains and enjoys the company of his friends. He dislikes anything related to exams and the idea of getting a job after TY.
Omum Siddiqui, PR HODA keen listener, with a blend of stylish orating skills -making him a lethal one to deal with! A passionate debater, has a good taste in Sufi music, likes to paint, a right arm fast bowler and a major food junkie. Preaches humanity and avoids getting into lame conversations. Follows a simple rule- live and let live!
Akshata Narkar, PR HODA girl with a gentle heart, charming smile and full of enthusiasm. She’s cute, fun-loving and happy go lucky. A 24*7 chalta phirta radio. Likes being with friends, music, books and coffee. Has a devilish mind at times. Disclaimer- she’ll kill you with her jokes.
Joy Bohra, Logistics HODDoing work on time is the most important target for him. He believes in the philosophy- “nothing is interesting if he is not interested.” Being the leader of a team, he shares the success with his team but attributes the failure to himself because as a person who listens to everyone but does what he wants.
Gaurav Patel, Logistics HODA young man who is extremely ambitious and will win your heart with his own unique charm. No one can compares to him when it comes to.
Karan Shah, Events Co-ordinatorBorn with a golden heart, He is one of the most loving, trust worthy, charming, understanding, and approachable persons one can come across. He is a perfectionist, hardworking and committed. Always there when you need him, it is truly a privilege to have him as a friend. He is caring and Kind hearted with deep concern for everyone who matters to him.
Salman Makda, Finance HODHe’s a smart and funny guy. Loves to make new friends and can start a conversation with an absolute stranger. Helpful in the best possible way and cares for others. He’s got a charming personality and some might even say that he’s the most good looking guy in our college.
Pooja Godse, Security HODThe perfect aggression between rage and calmness., she knows how to work and how to get her work done.. She prefers to let her work speak for itself rather than talking about it. Sweet, happy and giggly on the outside and just as fierce, strong willed and level headed on the inside. You can’t take this chick for a ride.
Shaikh Ishtiyaq, Security HODFondly known as ‘Bodyguard’ this one’s a bindass guy with perfect combination of strength and intelligence. .Believes in action rather than words. He can easily handle the any situation with his dominant nature.
Pratik Jain, Security HOD. Always in high spirits! You can never have a dull moment around this one. He’s a powerhouse of wit in a small package. Thinks on his feet and and always has a smile on his face. He’s a major party animal and always up for having a good time.
Mayuri Ailani, Refreshments HODA refreshments head in every sense there is! She can refresh anyone by her charm and loving smile.. She is committed towards her duties and responsibilities. Possesses the rare quality to bring out the best in people with a positive approach towards all situations.
Pritam Patel, Refreshment HODHe’s someone who believes that patience is a virtue. His biggest strength is that he’s self dependant and has an extremely positive attitude towards work. He believes “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
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