1) Describe suitable approaches for classifying services with proper justification
2) What are the dimensions/ determinants of quality? Define each of them with examples.
3) How do people and physical evidence play an important role in bank marketing?
4) What are the different tourism products? How do you manage tourism or leisure products?
5) Distinguish between goods and services. What are the challenges faced by the service marketers?
6) Elucidate the initiatives/measures taken by the Government and others towards boosting the Housing Industry. Explain the objectives of NHB and HUDCO.
7) “Price signals quality in hospitals”. Comment. Describe the pricing philosophy/methods used in the Government and Private Hospitals.
8) What are the requirements for effective segmentation as per Kotler? How do you segment the following – i) Banking ii)Insurance iii) Software Industries
9) In Indian economy, large population of people are found below poverty line. Keeping this in mind, formulate pricing strategy for hospitals.
10) What is Benchmarking? How relevant it is in service marketing?
11) Discuss in detail relevance of 8Ps in hospitality industry.
12) Explain the layers and features of a service map in respect to tourism industry. Explain any one blueprint of a process in tourism industry.
13) What is meant by ‘intangibility’ and ‘non-inventorying’ characteristics of services? Suggest why its existences might pose problems to service organizations and methods by which its impact may be reduced.
14) Attribute reasons for the rapid growth of service sector in the global as well as Indian context.
15) ‘Insurance is no more a public sector monopoly in India’. Comment
16) What is the relevance of people in Hospital services and the relevance of location for hospitals?
17) What are the determinants of quality in hotel industry?
18) What are the major factors that are driving the growth of the services sector in India? Discuss in detail.
19) Explain the relevance / importance of TQM in services
20) Discuss consumer decision making process for purchasing or buying – i) A Life Insurance Product ii) A housing loan
21) Role of IT industry in employment generation in Indian context. Comment
22) Elaborate the importance of surface transportation to India. What role has it played in economic development process?
23) State different elements of service marketing mix with examples.
24) What is service blueprint? How it is used for marketing human resources and operation decision in service organization?
25) Explain the future of Tourism industry in India.
26) Write brief note on pricing and promotion strategy in Hospital Services
27) Explain the contribution made by IT towards different service sectors
28) Pricing in tourism services is complex because tourism is a composite product. Do you agree? What are the different elements you would consider while pricing Tourism services?
29) More and more service organizations are moving towards use of technology for improving productivity. Discuss this with relevance to hospital services
30) Service is a performance given by one human being to another. Discuss this in detail with relevance to airlines industry and elaborate the people elements in airlines.
31) Flow charting/service mapping a service is to correlate service towards making service delivery process more simpler and consumer friendly – Do you agree? Why? Elaborate your answer keeping banking services in mind.

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