IAPM 24th April 2015 Exam Important Question Bank



Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management:

Long Questions:

  • What are Investment avenues available to him which will give a stable return with minimum risk?
  • What is SEBI? What are its Functions? Discuss in brief Risk & Return relationship Explain CAPM
  • Brief on Securities Market

#Short Notes:

  • Explain Risk and different Measures of Risk?
  • What is Investment? Explain Objectives of investment & Factors to be considered before Investing?
  • Explain Mutual Fund and its types and cost. Write note on Money Market Instruments. Book Building process
  • Dow Theory
  • Secondary Market
  • Speculation v/s Investment
  • Tax Saving Investments
  • NAV
  • Co-efficient of Variation
  • Doubling Period
  • Convertible Debentures
  • Bull and Bear
  • Support & Resistance
  • Bought out deals.


Notes, Case Study tips, All Chapter formulae:


Alongwith the above questions, please also refer to:



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