FYBMS 2014-15 : Business Communication Syllabus


6 UBMSFSI.6 Business Communication

[50 lectures: 3 Credit]


The objectives of the course are:


  • To provide students with equal opportunity to speak and write.


  • To balance the delivery of oral and written components of communication skills.


  • To groom the potential managers with the basic qualities, skill set, traits required by a good leader.


Unit 1.   Fundamentals of communications (15)
  Concept- meaning, definition, process.  
  Importance of corporate communication.  
  Modern methods of communication-web context, blogs  
    writing, video and teleconferencing.  
  Formal   channels   of   communication   along   with  
    objectives- vertical, horizontal and consensus.  
  Informal channels-Grapevines  
  Barriers   to   communication-   physical/environmental,  
    language/semantic,  socio-psychological,  organizational,  
    cross-cultural  and  overcoming  the  barriers  with  case  
Unit 2   Written communication (10)
  Need and essentials of business correspondence, 7C’s of  
    communication and e-mail etiquettes.  
  Parts and layouts of business letters.  
  Methods of written communication :-  
    a)Letters and E-Mails- Statement of Purpose (SOP),  
    Job application with CV, sales letter credit sales  
    inquiry letters, collection letters, Complaint, Letter,  
    Order Letter, Consumer Grievance Letter, RTI Letter.  
  Drafting of notice, agenda and resolutions.  
  Report writing- individual and committee reports to be  
    tested on feasibility and investigative reports.  
Unit 3   Oral communication (10)
  Types   of   oral   communication-   meetings,   group  
    discussions, interviews, presentations.  
  Understanding the audience.  
  Use of paralanguage- voice, volume, tone, pitch, speed,  
    pause, accent and stress.  


Unit 4   Non-verbal communication and business etiquettes (15)
  • Non-verbal
communication-  body  language-  postures,  
    gestures,  facial  expression,  eye  contact,  space  and  
    proxemies, dress and grooming and silence, Sign And  
  • Visual  and
power  point  presentation-  colours,  charts,  
    graphs and maps, Images.  
  • Business
etiquettes-   phone   etiquettes,   handshake  
    etiquettes , cubical etiquettes,Office Etiquette,Business  
    Meal Etiquette,Business Card Etiquettes.  
  Listening  skills-  meaning  and  process  of  listening,  
    barriers to listening, enhancing effective listening skills.  

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