Entreprenuer & SME Question Bank for April 2015 Exams


Entreprenuer & SME Question Bank:

  1. Characteristics of entrepreneur
  2. Qualities of a successful entrepreneur
  3. Who is this woman enterpreneur? What are her qualities?
  4. Problem of Women entrepreneurs in India?
  5. Remedies / Strategies to solve the problems of the W.E.
  6. Characteristics of Intrapreneurial Environment


  1. Role of Entrepreneurship Training Institutes
  2. State the factors that influence Entrepreneurial Development
  3. The SWOT Analysis
  4. Factors Responsible for popularity of Social Responsibility Concept:
  5. Activities or Functions of NGO –


12 short notes on

  1. Ancillarisation. 2. Franchising. 3. Outsourcing
  2. Purposes / Uses of Business Plan:
  3. Characteristics of a Project:
  4. Aspects of Project Appraisal:
  5. Problems & Prospects of SME’s
  6. Measures for the Development of SMEs:

18.Short notes on:

  • SISI and Their Role in the Development of SME’s
  • EDP
  • SHG role in women entreprenuer development:


Courtesy: Jinall BMS Classes

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