A BAU member left on Wednesday’s Criminal Minds season finale: Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn).

Picking up right in the middle of last week’s cliff-hanger shootout that saw Morgan (Shemar Moore) takes a bullet in the vest and Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) get shot in the neck , the Season 9 closer opens with Blake tending to a fallen Reid, asking Ethan to open his eyes .

Ethan is Blake’s son, who died at age 9 of a mysterious neurological disease. She spends the rest of the episode staring at a photo of Ethan and feeling guilt-ridden that Reid (who survives) took a bullet while defending her. After the case closes and Blake has a heart-to-heart conversion with Rossi (Joe Mantegna) — during which he reveals that back in the day, his first wife kicked him out after he gave his job 1st priority and forgot their anniversary again

As for the case, the unsub isn’t just one person, but the entirety of a corrupt small-town Texas police force led by Deputy Owen McGregor in a plan to target prostitutes who witnessed a staged murder a year prior. Just see how dirty are they? One tries to poison Reid in the hospital, but is screwed when Garcia  shoots him with Reid’s gun.

So what’s the story behind Tripplehorn’s exit? Will she be replaced? What did the text message say that Hotch  received on the jet? What can we expect in Season 10? Executive producer Erica Messer answers has to answer all our burning questions.

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