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The college life changes the teenager life cycle, everything that they don’t aware about this thing.

Lifestyles of teenagers today are not at all the same from what it used to be were more interested in studies, sports, hobbies and day to day activities. But today, it has taken a whole new phase where teen life is all about parties, drinking, smoking, drugs and sexual pleasure.

Behavior of college students

Addiction of Smoking, drugs, drinks

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Most teenagers, due to increased peer pressure and freedom also engage and get addicted to drugs such as cigarettes, marijuana and heroine, and also booze with their friends

Smoking has become another major issue; smoking being one of the biggest killers in the world is now greatly affecting the teenagers. Almost a quarter of 15 year olds are regular smokers, weed and other similar products are also been used greatly. Smoking is highly addictive and teens find it very hard to give up.
Sex and pregnancy

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The teenager while watching   porn’s and doing same thing which are shown in that clip but they didn’t aware about this whether it wrong or right they didn’t  think but tries to do it.

Six out of ten 16 to 24 year olds admit not using condoms while being engaged in sexual activities which is a major cause of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) to spread widely among teens. As teenagers are given more freedom in today’s world, and due to the fact that there are plenty of opportunities for them to spend time alone and away from the adults, engaging in sexual activities is very common among them, thus resulting in teen pregnancy as well as contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). TV and Internet can also said to be a source for such problems that allow teenagers to view such acts at a much premature age


Junk Food

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Most of the teenagers in today’s world suffer from a number of diseases, both known and unknown, which is mainly as a result of the contamination of the environment as well as a result of their eating habits. Over a quarter of the teens in the world are overweight and this has made them weak and unhealthy. Plus most teenagers suffer from skin problems causing acne, blemishes, dark circles, pimples and blackheads. Most teenagers also suffer from insomnia. The fast moving and restless lifestyles of teens today are pushing them towards more junk and fast food rather than healthier and home cooked food. Obesity is another major problem faced by Governments as the cases of heart diseases and diabetes been reported among teens are increasing daily. Teens suffering from obesity can have long term illnesses which might show up immediately or later in life


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Due to the above mentioned problem of excessive alcohol addiction and consumption by teenagers, there are a lot of incidents where drunken teenage drivers meet with accidents resulting in death or disablements.

Fights and Violence

Teenagers may also be prone to situations of fights and violence. They might get into gangs and fight each other thus resulting in injuries and even loss of lives. This is highly apparent in schools, colleges and universities where you hear stories of teenagers beating other peers or even shooting them to death.

DATE and relationships

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Teenage years are those years where you meet friends, associate them and even fall in love. During these years, you may experience break ups, resistance from parents on relationships, getting beaten up, bad image and even sexual exploitation. As a result of this, most teenagers end up messing up their exams, studies and future, due to depression Life tomorrow.





AUTHOR : Nilesh Lade


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