1. Define HRM & Discuss Modern Day Challenges before HR Manager. (4, 18)
2. Sources of Managerial Recruitment & define. (126, 129)
3. Process involved in selection process. (141)
4. Methods of Appraisal for Managers. (205)
5. Stages in Career planning & development. (268)
6. Forms of Participation. (304)
7. Weakness & Suggestions for Trade Union. (352)
8. Methods of collecting job data. (95)
9. Process of HR Planning. (44)
10. Methods of collecting job data. (95)

11. Methods of job Evaluation. (116)

12. Types of selection test & Types of Interview. (147)
13. Methods of Training and Development. (173)



1. Contracting v/s Sub-contracting. (58)
2. Job Enlargement v/s Job Enrichment. (82) Rph.
3. HRM v/s Personnel Management. (17/19) Rph.
4. Recruitment v/s Selection. (139/109) Rph.
5. Internal sources v/s External Sources of recruitment. (101) Rph.
6. Training v/s Development. (135) Rph.
7. Job Evaluation v/s Performance Appraisal. (159) Rph.
8. Base Compensation v/s Supplementary Compensation. (171)
9. Career Planning v/s Succession Planning. (193) Rph.

BOOKS: Vipul Prakashan (KALE AHMED) RPH (Sunny Fernandes) BOTH SECOND


Concept Testing
Downsizing & VRS. (57)
Job Analysis. (90)
Head Counting. (165)
Induction. (165)
Management Games. (195)
Performance Appraisal. (199)
Halo Effect. (235)
Salary Slip. (240)
Profit Sharing. (255)
Career Counselling. (282)
Succession Planning. (289)
Participative Management. (295)
Collective Bargaining. (318)
Industrial Democracy. (319)
Industrial Relations. (322)
Industrial Unrest. (338)
Trade Unions. (342)
Rival Unions. (362)
Depoloticisation of Union. (362)


HRM & its Functions. (4, 6)    
Steps in HRP. (45)    
Principals of Sound Transfer. (86)    
Methods of Job Evaluation. (116)    
Placements. (161)    
Process of training programme. (180)  
Compensation Management. (239)    
Fringe Benefits. (243)    
Performance Linked Incentives. (249)  
Career Life Cycle. (273)    
Handling Personnel. (277)    
Levels of Participation. (299)    
Workers Participation through Quality Control. (311)  
Girl’s Approach. (331)    
Gandhian Approach. (332)    
Types of Transfers. (84)    
Procedure of Transfers. (85)    
Contents of Personnel Manual. (29)    
HRIS. (43) Rph.    
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