Today people are so engrossed in leading the life they want to live, that they have almost forgotten their virtues. Earning, having a good status in the society, living a luxurious life is all what people want now. Courtesy, truth, patience, ethics, morality…These words are far away from a character’s character/ personality. The reason behind all this is the greed to be the best, earn, gain respect in market & achieve tremendous fame.

People don’t give sufficient time even to their families, near & dear ones in the process of getting what they want. This is actually the selfish nature of people who live in the society but do nothing for it. People fraud & trap others for their own benefit, create discrimination between the classes, judge them on basis of their lifestyle, keep minorities for benefits provided by any organisation or society, have a caste, religion & culture discrimination, practice the practice of untouchability & don’t treat everyone equally which is absolutely wrong. And due to this if we have no peace; it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

It’s not just about the society but such practices prevail in the corporate world too. Not just the corporate world but in each & every field & profession also such practices prevail even today. We think only of ourselves but not about others. We help the people who are in need but we don’t help the people who are in real need. We feel happy that we are accepted by the society we live in but we don’t feel sorry for the people who are not.

We might have experienced the happiness of many things like getting good marks, someone from our family getting a good job, celebrating small happy moments together with loved ones but we might have actually missed that awesome feeling of helping others. That happiness… When you help a blind person to cross the road & the words,”Bhagwan tera bhala kare.”  When you give a rupee or two to a beggar & he/ she smiles at you. That moment when you utter good words for someone & in return you get thanks with a beautiful smile.

That awesome feeling when a child is crying & you surprise him/ her with a chocolate. That deed when you donate money to educate someone who can’t afford admission in school/ college. That blessing which you get when you help someone who is sick & needs to be taken to the doctor. That scene when you find an injured animal & you take it a vet for the treatment. That enjoyment when you celebrate all the festivals with equal enthusiasm. That happiness when you know you have done something good for others.

We are human beings & ought to be of selfish nature but if sometimes being selfless give you a kick, I guess it’s the best thing you can do. Happiness is not only about spending time with your loved ones or getting a good job or achieving a good status in the society. Sometimes we should keep it simple & make the best out of it. It’s not just about narrating stories to your children/ grandchildren of your success but sometimes it’s about narrating stories with moral, virtues, dignity & all good values.

Love & compassion are necessities not luxuries, without them humanity cannot survive. Helping others is not a waste of time; it’s all about making it the best time of your life & do good deeds. In the hustle & bustle of our life we forget certain obligations towards the welfare of the society. I’m not saying to open a charity or an organisation to help others but a small help to someone can get you in good books of the world. We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone. It is our humanity which makes us spiritual & our spirit which makes us human. You are a human being but being human have you done something to keep alive the humanity?






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