A Journey To Self Discovery




Our body primarily made of five elements. We should realize, which of these is true self, the true ‘I’. It is clear that is not unlike perishable elements. The real ‘I’ comes from the cosmic soul and therefore this ‘I’ comes from the eternal soul. What is eternal?? Eternal ever exists and ever unchanging that is our ‘SOUL’- THE AATMAN. When we are devoid of this happiness we feel that something is going wrong somewhere. God created man with the seed of his own potential in him in order to imperfect or unhappy world. This could be done only if we know what detracts us from the innate happiness. When we know that a certain road is infested by certain highwaymen, we travel with complete preparedness. One who has faith in himself will not be afraid of this trouble but for him this will be a help for path ahead.

An actor may play a role of king in a play, in his heart of hearts he never forgets that he is hired. Similarly we should play a part in the world with full awareness of true position. We can personify a king but our heart remains the same of ‘I’. We imagine that happiness lies in something that we do not posses and therefore pine for what is not. We crave for evanescent sensual pleasure and are pained when we discover their shallowness. The one who realizes the intrinsic value of things is a truly wise person.

In the same way DEATH… It is a universal occurrence, but yet least understood phenomenon. This is because death is not an event in one’s life, we do not experience death. At death the world does not alter but comes to an end. However our life has no end in just the same way our visual field has no limits. Remember that man is born not for perishable worldly objectives, but for nothing less than the attainment of the eternal reality and the attribute of pure, permanent bliss and lasting contentment. Today in the race of economic growth we should not forget our culture and spiritual heritage. The soul of India is its eternal values acquired by 5000 years of civilization. Add to its inputs from Islamic culture and European knowledge in matters of science, communication and liberal values.

Many times this question comes to our mind, Am I a spirit in the body or am I the body? This is a question worth asking and the only answer worth seeking. When you are called a spiritual person it means your focus is on the spirit and the energy within the body and not the shell the house spirit. When you focus inward you are you are more spiritual, you know your true soul, the true ‘I’. The more outward you are the less you identify your soul; you have already lost the hold on your ‘I’. The realization that I am not a body but the soul beneath the body.

Man commits sin or error and implores god for pardon. It is evidently futile to expect such pardon if sin is persisted in. The word pardon simply means cheating god, the one who sees everything including our inner most thoughts. Generally we fancy that a man who has something that we lack must be happier than us. This is evidently fallacious fancy for the other man having a handicap, unimagined by us. If we have a firm faith while doing a duty we would never have the occasion of pain, sorrow or regret. This firm faith on yourself; your ‘I’ has helped many people to come over great difficulties might be this is only the secret to happiness. All the patience and tolerance we posses is the vibrant energy we get from our strong spirit who firmly believes itself; who has firm faith on its eternal soul. If you trust yourself you will be trusted by the world. Our minds are distracted and diffused by the pull of the world but your faith on ‘I’ keeps you steady to face the world.

Krupali Zaveri.


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