Smartphone Addiction


We live in the era of technology and Smartphone addiction is a growing problem these days. We are more obsessed with our smartphones rather than ourselves. In a day the majority of hard work is done by our eyes, ears and fingers than our entire body. Our eyes are always locked towards the screen, ears stuffed with headphones and fingers are glued 24×7 on the mobile keypad and walk as if the phone is the only thing in the world. I must say it’s hard to get over such a fun addiction; text like crazy, clicking selfies, online surfing, gaming etc.  

I’m not addicted to my Smartphone but I must say I surely give a check to it every now and then to see if I’ve received any Whatsapp or Facebook message. The moment I open my eyes in the morning my hands start searching for the phone and sleep only after having a good conversation or gaming on the phone.

Research says 58% kids between 13 to 17 have smartphones, more than 60% of teen’s text during lectures and after bedtime and most students can stay on a task max for 3 minutes before returning to their smartphones.

  1. Draw a line to your priorities

You need to have self awareness that your Smartphone addiction is going way beyond your responsibilities, so you need to draw a line to such an addiction and prioritize your work than your phone.

  1. Set your time to use your Smartphone.

It is rightly said “Everything has its time”. You need to decide the best time to use your phone. For example, I majorly use my phone while I’m on bed at night before I sleep. That is the time I have most of my conversation with my friends and play games and rest of the time just give my phone a glance. This way I manage to complete my work as well have fun.

  1. Check your phone only if need or when free.

Smartphones are tempting and addictive, yet you need to try and keep yourself away from it. Check your phone only when it pings or after you have completed your work.

  1. Use effectively

Everything is available just a click away. Make effective use of your phone for surfing new things, reading short stories or news not always but for a little while. I know it’s boring but at least you doing something effective.

  1. Search another alternative

Least you could do is search for another alternative to keep yourself occupied to avoid boredom and keep you away from your phone for some time. You could watch TV, go ahead with any kind of hobby that interests you, go out and socialize with your friends directly instead of texting, read and explore new things.


Giving up on smartphones is not a solution to this problem. It is something which is deeply rooted into our system which is hard to erase, but we can surely have some control on it. This addiction could be bad and the consequences could be horrifying. So take a step now and help yourself to overcome this addiction.

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