30 Awesome Hilarious #CelebDegree #Yale Tweets, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages


yale degree



  1. Arnab and @smritiirani are bro-sis .How ?? @smritiirani has #Yale degree and Arnab has #Yell degree. #Celebdegree
  2. BJP plans a crash course in Degress with a slogan ” Chee Din me Achche Din” to prepare jobless Aged People in India. #CelebDegree #Yale
  3. Suzanne couldn’t get a degree, she now can buy one with a small portion of 400Cr #CelebDegree
  4. Sunny Leone got her Degree from PentHouse ! #CelebDegree
  5. Yogendra Singh got his degree from. Ghar ka Election Poll Statistics World University. #CelebDegree
  6. Arvind Kejriwal got his degree from UoU*. (University of U-turn). #CelebDegree
  7. During ‘Acche Din’ you will get degree in days not to wait for years. #CelebDegree #Yale
  8. Lalu yadav has got his degree from CG ( chara ghotala ) univ. #CelebDegree
  9. Learnt how to grab friend’s hubby in #6DaysForDegree from yale #CelebDegree
  10. Admission Open, Only for 6days. Bhakts are requested to join #CelebDegree
  11. #CelebDegree No shame in having a degree in University of People,Visionary MGR designed protein rich diet 4 decades ago for kids in school
  12. Amit Shah did his graduation from bail university. #CelebDegree
  13. After seeing Smriti Irani’s success in Yale University, now Uma Bharti also seeking admission there. #CelebDegree
  14. #CelebDegree Honestly, no one cares what degrees our politicians have or don’t have. Just do the work you’re supposed to & no one will care.
  15. Rajnikant got his degree from… err sorry my bad, it’s the other way around #CelebDegree
  16. Irani’s Yale deg is same as someone participating in an IIT tech test and then claiming the participation certificate as deg. #CelebDegree
  17. I have 18 degrees from Bangalore University! The day I visited the University the temperature was cold, it was 18°C #CelebDegree
  18. In previous UPA Govt, there were ministers with 6 degrees, now we are seeing a minister with 6day Degree #CelebDegree
  19. I have a few hours free on Saturday, so I’m thinking of getting a Ph.D. from Cornell to pass the time. #CelebDegree #Yale
  20. It is very unfortunate that one who doesn’t even respect degrees/(education system) is education minister of India #celebdegree
  21. After Smriti Irani got her degree in 6 days, I wonder if health minister Dr. Harshvardhan became a doctor in 6 days.. #CelebDegree
  22. After Yale, @smritiirani will claim she has 100 degrees from AIIMS as once she was admitted to AIIMS with 100 degree temp. #CelebDegree
  23. Yale awarding degree for 6 days course. After such promotion Yale university looking forward to tap indian market. #CelebDegree
  24. Smriti Irani got a Yale Degree in 6 days ? This government is sure delivering on it’s promise of fast-track development #celebdegree
  25. HRD min was against 4 years for an undergraduate program, because she got her degree from Yale in just 6 days!! #CelebDegree
  26. Smruuuti Irani took out a printout of her 6 day program at #Yale and she got another degree #CelebDegree
  27. Abhishek Bachchan has done his degree from Noidea University. #CelebDegree
  28. Rahul Gandhi is still commencing his degree fom POGO university. #CelebDegree
  29. Nitin gadkari from SP Jain University (samosa-pav) #CelebDegree
  30. 1st yr- Mumbai University. 2nd yr- Chennai University. 3rd yr- Bangalore University. 4th yr- Chennai University. ~ Virat Kohli #CelebDegree



By Ravi Agnihotri


(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are postings on social media website. We do not endorse the same.) 

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